Florence News 6-18-15


The Community Yard Sales seemed to be going real well. It was a hot day.

Ariel Brogan had a big weekend spending it with the Brogan family. They went to the yard sales and to “Thunder over Fritters.” About 500 attended that and she saw the fireworks. Sunday Ariel, Lewis and Alicia, James and Rita, Andrea and Joe Johnson had brunch at Belterra and later had Kentucky Fried Chicken at Joe’s park in Florence. Rita and Andrea also attended a bridal shower in Warsaw for their friend Candance.

Faye Lewis’ company was Alice Whitham, Gertrude Voris, Patty Chase, Sally Nay, Mark Scott, Mike and Joanna Sawalich, Evelyn Smith, Jean Sandidge and Glenda Sullivan.

Jimmy Leap took his pink tractor for “Thunder over Fritters” and got donations for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. That was great, Jimmy. Thanks.

Happy birthday to Martha McKee.

Bonnie and Roy Duckworth, Judy Lozier, and Patty Chase went to Columbus Saturday to visit Dale Thompson.

Danilee was also visiting at the time. They also visited with Jimmy Brooks. He was doing good and will have to stay a little longer. Jimmy was surprised to see us. Dale will be there for a while. Get well to both.

Bonnie, Roy, Judy and Patty stopped for supper in North Vernon at Grateful Grub restaurant. Our waitress Emily was glad to see us again. The food and service was really good. Richard and Janet Sullivan found this restaurant and told Glenda about it. Their daughter Tracy Seale is still in Columbus hospital, hoping to go home soon but she still has a lot of therapy to do. Get well soon, Tracy.

Judy Lozier came up on a car that was on fire in Kentucky near the bridge. She helped the ladies and two children to her car in time and the car did burn up. Good for you, Judy.

The Switzerland County Red Hot Hatters met at Shell’s Ice Cream for a great meeting and lunch. Attending were Jan Bixler, Dottie Keaton, Kay Cook, Mary Christiani, Laura Riga, Charlene Goff, Sandy Dawson, Lois McKay, Claudia Dawson, Eileen Wiesmann, June Lack, Lisa Fisher and guest Helen Hounshell. They all enjoyed celebrating June Lack’s 80th birthday. Happy birthday, June. The next meeting will be Monday, July 13th, at Mo’s at 11 a.m., a little earlier than usual.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth visited her mom, Genevieve Truitt, at Dillsboro Nursing Home Sunday. Roy visited Tonya Moore while there. Tonya is improving slowly and sent greetings to all. Hi, Tonya.

Patty Chase visited Judy Bailey Friday on her way to the Amish fish dinner in Center Square when she met Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Charles and Alberta Pickett and Kenny Clements. It was a good evening. A lot of friends were there. Jack and Judy were working in the garden.

Ken and Sylvia Byars went to Louisville Sunday to celebrate Sylvia’s brother’s birthay. Bob Sims was 60. Bob and wife Helen went on a biplane ride at Bowman Field to celebrate. A good time was had by all.

Get well prayers for Jeanne Konkle, Bev Curlin, Bob Ford, Joe Johnson, Judy Lozier’s sister Nancy Johnson and her brother, Willie Leach. Both are having tests and health issues.

Sympathy to the families of Mike McCarty, Kent Hendricks, Bonnie Fancher, Bill Wiseman and Willa Phipps.