Florence News 5-29-14


There was a nice after funeral dinner for the Sally Thompson family at the Florence Church of Christ. They all really appreciated it and thanked everyone. Sally was very active in the church for many years and will be missed, especially by the kids. She taught many classes and treated them all special. Thanks to all who helped with the dinner. We had a nice visit with all of the family. Sympathy to Sally’s family and friends.

Sympathy also to the Donald Hon, Jr., family, the Ginger Stowell family, the Louise Hizer family, the Nancy Turner family, the Teddy Jennings family and the Bud Baxter family.

The American Cancer Society Relay meeting will be Thursday, June 5th, at the Utility Building on Seminary Street at 5:30. There seem to be more people getting interested so maybe we will have a good Relay after all. Time is running out to get organized for June 27th.

Pay Chase and Glenda Sullivan had a nice visit with Carolyn Lohide and Mark Lohide at lunch one day. They were all happy about Megan’s baby, red-haired and all.

Carolyn Lowe said they had WLW-T in their yard Wednesday night after the storm. He said he liked Vevay, that it was a nice little town, but they didn’t get his name.

I visited the Eye Care Group building Wednesday. It is really pretty. Then I want to the Edelweiss Floral Shop. It is very pretty too. I believe they made a good change of buildings. I also visited the Sweet Life Candy Store beside the flower shop, really nice candy, etc. Of course I had to buy several kinds. Then I visited the Hoosier Favorite BBQ next to the candy store – just wanted to meet the new people in town. It was really nice too. Hope they all do well.

Faye Lewis has been feeling poorly the last two weeks. Keep her in your prayers.