Florence News 5-26-16


The Patriot Alumni annual meeting will be May 28th at the Switzerland County Elementary School. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. Dinner at 6 p.m. Reservations are needed for the catered dinner, $15 each. For more information call Billie Green at (812) 427-2393.

Kay Cook, Patty Chase, Cheryl McMillian, Eileen Wiesmann, Stasia Wiseman, Dottie Keeton, Lisa Fisher, Mary Christiani and Laura Riga met at the new restaurant in Patriot, “Cooks Restaurant” for their Red Hat lunch and meeting last week. The food and service was really good. The next Red Hat meeting will be in July, since June is too busy.

Happy birthday to P.J. Jones, Madison Fugate, Mindy Queen, Helen McClure and Tiffany Rininger.

Margaret Baker and Lois Stutzman came to take Leona Adams to Natalie James’s bridal shower at the Jack Sullivan Senior Center.

Pat Adams spent the weekend with Ginny Ann Adams in Cincinnati and they visited Richard and Leona Adams.

Carroll David Turner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and friends Scott Radiker of Codahy, Wisconsin and Kenneth Billups of Slinger, Wisconsin visited the area on the weekend. Friday night they visited Mike and Helen Buchanan McClure at Madison and they had dinner at Clifty Inn. Saturday morning they came to Vevay to meet Carroll’s family, Mike and Sue Jones and family and friends. Later Saturday they went back to Madison with a birthday cake and ice cream to surprise Helen for her birthday. They came back to Vevay Saturday night to stay at the Fairway Inn. There they visited with Martha Sloan, Patty Chase and Linda Mae Jones. Carroll was raised in the Vevay and Patriot area. Patty and Martha were classmates. Helen McClure was also a Vevay girl. They really had a good visit remembering old times and they also discussed the next President as well as the old school days and cheerleaders. Carroll, Scott and Kenneth left early Sunday morning to go to church in Indianapolis. They wanted to go to Fredonia on Tapps Ridge, but knew they had to get on the road to get home in time for work Monday. It was a wonderful visit.

Cindy Geis of North Vernon visited Pete and Carolyn Lowe Tuesday and later visited Glenda Sullivan with a pizza and bread sticks to enjoy. Saturday Richard Sullivan visited Glenda while Janet visited her mom Marjorie Whitham at Swiss Villa. Richard also visited Marjorie when he went back to get Juanita to meet with Squeaky and Jeanette Knaus to have dinner at Rising Sun. Glenda’s other company was Donna Hughes, Brian Morton, Sharon Deck, Sondra Hyde, Kay Hyde and Patty Chase.

Ron and Jean Sandidge; David, Olivia, Mia and Mallory Sandidge; Tim Annette, Abby, Parker and Lexi Deno; and Fay Lewis all met in West Lafayette to celebrate Faye’s 98th birthday. She is still receiving birthday cards and phone calls, and wants to thank everyone for remembering her. Happy Birthday Faye. Faye also enjoyed the cherry pie and all the sweet stuff that day.

Annie and P.J. Jones had dinner at Belterra 19 Steakhouse Sunday to celebrate PJ’s birthday compliments of Grandma Betty Hargrove.

Linda Jones and Betty Hargrove had lunch in Carrollton one day. Jerry Jewell visited Bud and Betty Hargrove.

Kay O’Neal visited Lorraine Brown as she is still recovering at home from surgery. Ryan Brown’s friend Rebecca from South Carolina is in for an extended visit. Kay O’Neal, Ryan Brown and Rebecca visited Margaret Lee Weidmann.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and Verle Truitt visited Genevieve Truitt at Dillsboro Waters on Sunday evening.

Jim McSwain called to say Vera McSwain fell and broke a hip a couple of weeks ago and is not recovering real fast. Keep her in your prayers.

Also on our prayer list, Joe Cleaver, Margaret Turner, Jim Carr, Verle Truitt, Barbara McCreary, Richard and Leona Adams, Johnny Lock, Gayle Rayles, Ken Byars sister Billie, Loretta Westrick and others.

Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan visited Loretta Westrick and Teresa Proctor at Cooper’s Restaurant in Carrollton for a good lunch Friday and later visited Sue Westrick at McNeal’s in Carrollton.