Florence News 5-25-17


Casey, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger went to Michigan to visit with Lilly and Lacey Rininger and family on the weekend.

Larry Peters visited Charles and Alberta Pickett last week.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth visited with Genevieve Truitt at the Waters of Dillsboro and with Verle Truitt at Dearborn County Hospital on the weekend. Verle is probably at home now. Keep him in your prayers.

Glenda Sullivan, Bonnie Duckworth and Patty Chase visited Sonny and Sue Westrick at their new home in Carrollton Friday and with Michelle McClure at Big Lots in Madison. Also with Kenny and Shirley Bennett in Madison. It was a good day.

Debbie Gregory visited Patty Chase one day.

Richard and Janet Sullivan and Glenda Sullivan visited Tracy Seale at the Waters of Clifty Falls on Friday. Saturday, Richard and Janet visited Marjorie Whitham at Swiss Villa then met up with Squeak and Jeanette Knaus to visit with Danny and Beverly Koons. Later Richard and Janet, Squeak and Jeanette had a nice dinner at Rising Sun.

Saturday afternoon Jessica South hosted a bridal shower for her sister Jennifer South at the Center Square Baptist Church. They had lots of fun, games and delicious food for many friends and family. Jennifer received many gifts, cards and money. Congratulations!

Ken and Sylvia Byars and Gladys Hunt enjoyed a day out and lunch in Kentucky.

Nancy Johnson spent Sunday afternoon with her sister, Judy Lozier.

PJ Jones and Annie enjoyed dinner at Belterra at 19 Steakhouse Sunday to celebrate PJ’s birthday.

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had any old facts about Florence as the town will be 200 years old this year. Would you like to have a “Birthday Party” some Saturday or Sunday in town? A few are interested and are telling me things that happened years ago and that there were three or four grocery stores; two or three churches; barber shops; beauty shops; garages; schools; the boat marina and a bank. If you have anything to share call or write me. One interesting thing was that Charles Patterson showed movies in the school house yard. Our first drive in movie or town people’s first walk in. Our friend Cid was visiting the area that day and had a lot of information, as he was raised in the Florence area. Please call if you would like to share your stories and help with the “party”.

Trey Gray was among the FFA Group that spent Friday night and Saturday at Purdue, judging dairy cattle. Mr. Curlin was the teacher who took them.

Bob Slack of East Enterprise spent some time at Dearborn County Hospital with some health issues. He is home and doing better.

Bob Rice of Biggs, California is still dealing with health problems. He is doing better but not well yet. His wife Barbara (June) Rice is Pat Slack and Reta Gray’s sister.

Tracy, Tammy, Tanner and Taylor Gray and family had a dinner Sunday to celebrate birthdays and Father’s Day early. It was a good day with all the family together. April, Jeremy Konkle and family went back to Lafayette on Sunday evening.

Happy Birthday in May to Luke Bowman, Mindy Queen, Tiffany Rininger, PJ Jones, Sylvia Byars, Jonas Keith, Roy Duckworth and Faye Lewis.

Our prayer list includes: Colten Rininger, Reta Gray, Bob Slack, Bob Rice, Pam May, Dale Thompson, Sue Briggs, Janice McClure, Peggy Hilligoss, Verle Truitt, Helen Parks, Cheryl Messmore, Margie Ford, Karen Wentworth, and all in need.

Sympathy to the family of Evelina Coker Brown and family. Evelina was a good friend and was well known. She will be missed.