Florence News 5-22-14


The Vevay Music Club had a good show at the Hoosier Theater Tuesday night and a nice reception and plenty of good food at the American Legion meeting room after the show.

I had a nice phone call from Jim Strausbaugh last week. Jim and Carol live in Cincinnati and were concerned about Margaret Lee Weidmann after reading she had been in King’s Daughters’ Hospital. (She is recovering). He also asked about all his friends in Switzerland County and said “Hi.” They were sorry they missed the Shoe Factory Reunion in April. They met Malcolm Markland one day at the Four Seasons Marina and had a great time. Jim wanted to tell it because knowing Malcolm he was afraid of what he might add to it. Yes, we all know and love Malcolm. Mal’s only comment to Jungle Jim as he called him was to be afraid, be very afraid. Jim says they enjoy the Vevay paper.

The American Cancer Society Relay still needs your help. The next meeting is planned for June 5th at the Vevay Utility Building at 6 p.m. We need more teams and a local leader or leaders. Please come to the meeting to get on a team or get up your own team. We have the luminaries ready, light a candle for your loved ones. Call Glenda Sullivan at 812-427-3752 or Patty Chase at 812-594-2289.

Glenda and Patty and many other old shoe factory friends went to the John Wright visitation in Vevay. John and Joann lived in Columbus. He was a good friend to all and will be missed. Sympathy to Joann and all the family and the Moorefield friends.

We had a nice visit with Doris Coy Young after John’s visitation. She retired a year or so ago and was very ill with an infection for several months. She is improving now. Doris’ sister Glenda is out West with another sister Joann and will be having cancer treatments at a big cancer center there. Some of the family plan to go out to visit soon and go on to Texas for a grandchild’s school award program. Keep Glenda Brown and all in your prayers.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman visited Patty Chase one evening and helped with a repair job. Patty went to the Belterra Mother’s Day dinner with her friend Sharon Bailey from Alabama.

Richard and Leona Adams spent a lovely Mother’s Day vacation in Texas with Leona’s daughter Vickie and family. They spent a couple of weeks and visited other friends and family.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Wade Hughes. Margaret Lee has been feeling better after her hospital stay but is still not well. She wants to thank Kay, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan for all their help and wants to thank Norman Romans for visiting her in the hospital and having a prayer with her.

Faye Lewis is still enjoying her 96th birthday with cards and calls still coming as well as lots of presents and flowers. Her company was John and Mary Archer, Caolyn Hysell, Mike and Joanna Sawalich, Cindy Geis, Evelyn Smith, Gertrude Voris, Glenda Sullivan and Ron and Jean Sandidge. Happy birthday, Faye.

Saturday afternoon Cindy Geis of Westport visited Glenda Sullivan. They went to Roxano’s to enjoy the famous breadsticks that Cindy has to have every time she is in Vevay. They later visited Faye Lewis and Pete and Carolyn Lowe and had a good day.

Rooshil Patel graduated from the University of Kentucky in Lexington with a bachelor of science degree. He is the son of Mukesh and Bina Patel of the Florence, Indiana, Fairway Inn. Congratulations, Rooshil.

A. J. Avelar, Brittney and Adrik left the Fairway Inn Saturday to return to Washington after a long stay here for A.J.’s employment in Kentucky. They made many friends here and will be missed. Good luck with your next venture.

There will be a chicken dinner benefit for Leona Ware at the Patriot Firehouse June 1st from 3 p.m. to ? They are also taking donations for an auction and will have other things going on. Hope to see you there.

I worked with Stephanie Adams at the Hoosier Theater for the Music Club show and saw the most beautiful diamond ring on her hand. Good choice, Trent. Congratulations.

Our get well list includes Gertrude Voris (getting better), Margaret Turner, Phyllis Thomas, Chuck Schmidt, Linda Jones, Margaret Lee Weidmann, Kippy Hatton, Kenny Clements, J.C. Iery, Betty Chase, Leona Ware, Joe Cleaver, Barb Covington, Melody Smith and all others.

We were very sorry to hear Sally Thompson passed away. She was a dear friend and a member of the Florence Church of Christ for many years. Sympathy to the family.

Sympathy to the Ralph “Bud” Baxter family. Bud’s wife is a local girl, Joann Brooks Baxter. They lived in the Aurora area. He will be missed. Sympathy to the Fred L. “Teddy” Jennnings family. He was a good friend and will be missed.

Linda Jones has been in King’s Daughters’ Hospital for a week with blood clots in one lung. She may be able to come home tomorrow. Betty has been staying with her a lot. Her aunt Peggy Stoll calls every day. Peggy and Darrell Stoll went to Toledo, Ohio, for a wedding over the weekend.