Florence News 5-18-18


The Switzerland County Music Club had a really good program at the Hoosier Theater Tuesday night followed by a pitch in meal at the American Legion meeting room. It was for the Betty Rosenberger Swango scholarship fund and was very good.

Our prayer list includes Leona Adams, Dale and Danilee Thompson, Joe Johnson, Bonnie Duckworth, Janice McClure, Peggy Hilligoss, Cheryl Messmore, Sue Briggs, Helen Parks, Betty Lucas, Larry Stewart and all in need.

Cindy Geis of North Vernon spent Saturday afternoon with Carolyn Lowe and Glenda Sullivan. Cindy and Glenda had to go to Roxano’s for breadsticks etc, as usual when Cindy is in town.

Sunday the Center Square Baptist Church had a Mother’s Day Service at Swiss Villa. Glenda attended that and later visited with Richard and Janet Sullivan and Squeak and Jeanette Knaus while they were at Swiss Villa visiting Marjorie Whitham for Mother’s Day. Richard, Janet, Squeak and Jeanette went on to Madison to meet Tracy, Clayton and Devin Seale and Sondra Hyde for dinner at Ponderosa.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth celebrated Roy’s birthday and Mother’s Day Tuesday with Randy and Michelle McClure and Kiersten and Kaden. Sunday they celebrated with Marc, John, Dorothy and Maggie Duckworth. Melissa Duckworth sent a text message for both occasions. Roy and Bonnie and Roger Truitt, Verle Truitt, Vernon and Verlene Sharp celebrated Mother’s Day with Genevieve Truitt at the Waters of Dillsboro Saturday.

Carolyn Lowe went to a cook out Sunday at Tracy and Sarah Dickerson’s. She later visited Don Allen and others at Swiss Villa. Erin and Azalee Harsin visited Carolyn Sunday.

Michael, Pam and Cheyenne Hopper, Josh Carr and friend enjoyed the Cincinnati Zoo Sunday for Mother’s Day.

We met a nice couple while having breakfast in town. Jim and Michelle Soules who live in Markland and were really pleasant to talk to. I don’t know how long they have been here but welcome to the community. They live near the old store that Maggie Vanosdol used to have when I was a kid and we would walk to the store about 2 miles and always went ahead and walked across the old Markland bridge that our parents told us to stay off of. The bridge is gone now so Markland is divided and don’t have much traffic like they used to and when they had 3 stores progress.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Melody and Tristan Reese, Diana Brown and Todd Smith. Margaret Lee thanks her family for all the Happy Mother’s Day calls and thanks Lorraine, Randy and Ryan Brown for the delicious meal Sunday evening.

Evon and Reta Gray, Tammy, Taylor, Trey, Tanner, Jeff Gray, Joei, Mckayla, Kristina and Kayla Gray and Rita Craigmyle enjoyed Mother’s Day at the Rising Star Restaurant. They said it was really good food and a good visit. Reta will go as an outpatient for blood work test. Keep her in your prayers.

Bob and Vivian Slack of Florida and daughter Michelle and husband of Iowa spent a few days visiting friends and relatives in the area.

Charles and Alberta Pickett visited Frank Rininger and family near Lamb on Sunday.

Mark Scott was in Vevay on business Saturday and had breakfast with the Florence Church bunch.

Judy and LoriAnn Lozier spent a few days in the Smoky Mountains and had a great time.

Jerry Jewell, Linda Jones, P.J. Jones and Annie and the kids visited Bud and Betty Hargrove on Mother’s Day.

Patty Chase visited Nadine Swift at the Cleves Ohio Church of Christ for their Woman’s dinner Saturday night. It was really good and the men did the serving. Thanks.