Florence News 5-17-18

  Hello from Florence. We hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day weekend.


  Hello from Florence. We hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day weekend.

  We had a wonderful Saturday afternoon at the birthday party for Linda Furnish given by Paul and Sondra Furnish at the Jack Sullivan Senior Citizen Center. It was not a surprise but Linda was really surprised when she saw Ladonna and Junior that came in from Florida and the second surprise was when Elvis Presley walked in dressed in a really pretty suit with a guitar in hand and he sang love songs to Linda that we all enjoyed. He had pictures taken with several of the ladies. It was a good day. Sondra and Paul put on a good party. The food was delicious and the cake was beautiful and delicious made by Christy Morgan. Happy birthday Linda.

  Bonnie and Roy Duckworth went to Hanover over the weekend for a birthday party for Kiersten McClure at the home of her parents, Randy and Michelle McClure and Kaden. Happy birthday to Kiersten. Sunday Bonnie and Roy visited Marc and Tehya and John and Maggie at their new home in Independence, Kentucky. Tehya’s parents Rich and Toni Allen were also there. Bonnie also got a Mother’s Day phone call from Melissa Duckworth from Mississippi.

  Evelyn Davidson told me Joann Wright is improving and may be moved to the assisted living part of the same place she has been in at the Miller’s Merry Manor is Mooresville, Indiana. Get well prayers for Joann. Also for Laverne Self. Evelyn said she had a light stroke and is in the hospital in Madison. Prayers for Laverne. Thanks Evelyn for the news.

  LoriAnn Lozier and friend Jose visited her mom Judy Lozier on Saturday. Nancy Johnson spent Sunday with Judy Lozier and LoriAnn. They planted flowers in Judy’s yard.

  Rashel Haddix, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan spent Wednesday in Carrollton on business and shopping and had lunch at Hometown Pizza — Rashel’s treat. They also had a nice visit with Eddie James at the pizza place and a nice visit with Pat Perkins of Carrollton. Raschel Haddix and family has returned to Florida and may be back in the fall.

  Charles and Alberta Pickett visited the Frank Rininger family on Saturday.

  Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan visited LeeAnn and Emily Bush, Braxton May, Kelsey Bush and the newest member of the family Kelsey’s baby, Kylan Zane.

  Randy and Lorraine Brown attended the going away party for Garren Messmore at the home of his parents, Shawn and Lisa Messmore. Garren is leaving for the Army soon. Paul Messmore and all the family were there. Good for you, Garren and good Luck. Ryan Brown cooked a delicious supper for his mom Lorraine and grandmother Margaret Lee Weidmann and Cheryl Messmore for Mother’s Day. They even let Randy join the meal. Margaret Lee’s company was Kay O’Neal, Diana Brown, Cheryl Messmore, Randy, Ryan and Lorraine Brown. Margaret Lee says a big thank you to Earl and Jerilyn VanWinkle for the flowers and to all the friends and family for the phone calls.

  Pat and Bob Slack of East Enterprise and Evon and Reta Gray of Moorefield attended the 90th birthday of their cousin Gilbert (Gib) Houze. He could pass for 75. He and Doris live in Miles Ridge up on the Lawrenceburg hill close to the hospital. It was a surprise and it worked. He has two daughters, Gala of around Indiana University and she may work there, and Chris. We are not sure where her family lives. Her husband had a band there and he is really good at the trumpet which he played lots of old pretty songs. Some of you will remember Marlene Herring Weales Kencer. It was so good to see her. She lives across from Gib and Doris. She has a beautiful place. She made a big chocolate birthday cake and all kinds of cookies, tea and punch. There was a big crowd. They really enjoyed it and saw several cousins and second cousins. They had a great day.

  Happy birthday to Jonas Keith at Swiss Villa; also to Roy Duckworth.

  Get well prayers for Kenny Clements, Alicia Fritter, Tim Heime, Doreen Taylor and Lulu Belle Thomas.

  Sympathy tot he David Hankins family and Earnie Henry family