Florence News 5-11-17


Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan and Bonnie Duckworth went to Madison last Monday for doctor appointments and enjoyed lunch at Frisch’s. Friday Patty and Glenda visited Susan Westrick at Carrollton.

Emily Bush visited Patty Chase and Pam Hopper at Fairway Inn last week as they were working.

Faye Lewis will celebrate her 99th birthday May 15th. Her address is 1853 Man-o-War Drive, West Lafayette, Indiana, 47906. If you want to, send a card.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase enjoyed the lovely 50th anniversary celebrations for Bob and Pat Slack Saturday at Center Square Baptist Church. We met a lot of the Slack family. Fred and Vivian Slack of Florida said they read my Florence News every week so here is a hello to them. Congratulations to Bob and Pat.

Ruth Lohide told me Betty Jones Ray had heart surgery. Prayers for Betty. Prayers also for Dale and Danilee Thompson of North Vernon. Eddie Gregory has been having some dental work done prayers for him.

Pat Perkins of Carrollton told me the Red Hat Ladies enjoyed an outing at LaGrange last week. Their next meeting is planned to be the first Wednesday in June at Belterra.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was (as she said) the ‘usual bunch’: Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Kay O’Neal. Lorraine visited Cheryl Messmore at her home where she is recovering form hip surgery and doing well. Keep her in your prayers.

Sympathy to the Gordon Scudder family.

Thanks to the people that get their news to me.

The town of Florence will be celebrating an anniversary soon. Call if you would like to have a festival or if you have any old facts about the town.

Many from the Keith Family (Wilford and Avis Keith descendants) gathered at the Jack Sullivan Senior Citizens Center in Vevay on Saturday, May 6th, for a pitch-in and reunion. Those attending were: Jonas Keith, Paul and Sondra Furnish (formerly of Florence), Shane and Ashley Turner and sons; Peyton and Lane of Fairview, Sarah McCreary of Fairview, Kevin McCreary of Milan, Paul Knaus, Barry and Donna Knaus and granddaughter Arya of Vevay, Ernie and Dana Keith, Brandon and Chelsea Keith and daughter Brandi of Fairview, Juanita Koons (formerly of Fairview), Dave and Teresa (Koons) Akridge of Palmyra, Amanda Young and children, Roy “Red” and Barbara Keith and Derek of Vevay; and traveling the greatest distance to attend was Terry Koons of Vermont. A friend of Paul Knaus made a beautiful cake with Wilford and Avis’ picture on it. Everyone enjoyed the day.

On Saturday. May 6th, a celebration was held for Robert “Bob” and Patricia “Pat” Slack for their 50th anniversary. The celebration was held at the Center Square Baptist Church. A total of 50 family and friends attended. Several cards and calls were also received. Bob’s brother, Fred and his wife, Vivian, were in from Florida; and their daughter Michelle and her husband were in from Iowa. Several family and friends could not make it. Beth and Amy and their families did the decorations in yellow, white, and gold; and the cake featured white and yellow roses.