Florence News


  Hello from Florence and Vevay. Hello to the first day of May.

  Patty has had several visitors this week. Shannon Jackson brought a flower arrangement from the Florence Regional Sewer District board members. Cathy Debaun, Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Doris Chase, Carolyn McClellan and Glenda Sullivan.

  Sympathy to the family of Leona Adams.

  Sympathy to the family of Paul Brandon.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth camped at Clifty Falls in Madison over the weekend for their first camp outing this year. Michell, Randy and Kaden McClure, Kiersten, Kage and Cashton Cunningham of Hanover visited them Saturday evening.

  Get well prayers for Rita Sullivan, Joe Green, Darrell Keith, Paul Hayes and Polly Vonosdol.

  Ken and Sylvia Byars, Mark and Rhonda Scott, Judy Lozier, Jack Kelly and Nancy Johnson had Sunday lunch at MiViejo in Carrollton.

  Happy Retirement to Lisa Rosenberger.

  On Friday Glenda Sullivan went to see Tracy Seale at The Waters in Madison. Tracy said her lunch was good and she really enjoyed her large Diet Coke.

  Happy birthday to Sylvia Byars.

  Be Kind Be Strong.