Florence News 4-6-17


The Shoe Factory reunion will be this Saturday April 8th. Plan to come and bring family and friends. We will have refreshments and entertainment and plenty of nice door prizes from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Jack Sullivan Senior Citizen Center. Hope to see you.

The REMC appreciation meeting was well attended. There was many from the Vevay area. Rita and Jim Brogan, Doris Chase, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Patty Chase and Alberta Pickett all from Florence and others I didn’t see. Kay Cook from Patriot, Glo Asbury and Daisy Swanson was with Doris. Lula Bell and Don Thomas and many more attended.

Don’t forget the Grand Opening Premiere at the Hoosier Theater showing “A Girl named Sooner” this Saturday night April 8th at 7 p.m.

Linda Jones took her mom Betty Hargrove for her last treatment. Jerry and Robin Jewel visited with Betty and Bud Hargrove and went to the show at Belterra.

Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase, Judy Lozier and Alberta Pickett went to Kentucky for a ride and ate at Cracker Barrel at LaGrange. They stopped to visit Mark and Rhonda Scott at Pendleton, Kentucky but they were not at home. Had a great time on Spring Break.

Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan enjoyed the spaghetti supper at Aberdeen Methodist Church Saturday evening and saw a lot of old friends.

Marjie Ford had surgery and is doing good. Keep her in your prayers. Also, Willie Leach, Judy Lozier’s brother, Dale Thompson, Tracy Seale, Joe Johnson and all in need.

Jason Messmore, Kay O’Neal, Randy Lorraine and Ryan Brown, and J.J. Sullivan visited Margaret Lee Weidmann last week. J.J. brought a delicious cake that Gayle had made. Lorraine and Margaret Lee wants to thank Gayle for that.

Sympathy to the Dr. Allen Wayne Aldred family. Also, the Donna Bailey, Barry Marlman and the Erlin “Doc” Wilson families.

The Center Square Baptist Church had the Lenten service Sunday night for a big crowd. Good food and fellowship followed.

Jeffrey Peelman celebrated his birthday Monday night at Patron’s. Sarah Douglas, Christene Douglas, Milo, Leann, Barry and Mary Ann Scudder, Jeremy, Jessica, Jenna, Jakob, Jaylen Peelman, Sherry and Gene Wiseman, Brenda Peelman, Jacey Peelman, Peggy Sullivan, Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan, Frank and Volina Holman, all joined in to help him celebrate. Happy birthday Jeff!

Brenda Peelman, Jeff and Jacey Peelman, Sarah Douglas and Leann all attended the spaghetti benefit at Mo’s for McKayli Scudder. It was really good and a big crowed attended.

Brenda and Jacey Peelman went shopping at Florence Mall one day of Spring Break.