Florence News 4-4-13


The Vevay Shoe Factory reunion will be Saturday, April 13th, from 2-4 p.m. at the Jack Sullivan Senior Center on the corner of Pike and Walnut. Come and meet old friends. Bring a small money donation and/or a finger food snack to help us out if you want to. Also, help us spread the word to all shoe factory associates and friends and family. If you would like to donate a door prize to advertise your business call Glenda at 812-427-3752 or Patty at 812-594-2280 or bring it that day.

Paul Messmore, Cheryl Messmore, Megan, Nicko and Kaylee Ferriera had supper Thursday at Olive Garden. Megan and Brandon Messmore, the twins, will celebrate their 35th birthday Saturday. Happy birthday. Cheryl and Mom visited Denny and Diana Brown Saturday and also got to visit with Angie Handlon and Sharon Wilson. Cheryl and Lorraine Brown visited Denny and Diana Sunday afternoon. Gail Ann Clements stopped in at Margaret Lee Weidmann’s with a wonderful “care” package that they have all been enjoying. “Thanks Gail.” Randy, Lorraine and Cheryl had supper together Sunday evening.

Margie Whitham, Faye Lewis, Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan, Jeanette Knaus, Christy Knaus, Dana Einhaus, Ryan Einhaus, Nicole Smoke, Cindy and Janice Geis, Clayton, Tracy and Devin Seale had a delightful dinner and Easter egg hunt at Richard and Janet Sullivan’s near Westport Sunday. Little Devin told us a funny story about his trip to the doctor.

Tim and Annette Deno and family spent a few days with Ron and Jean Sandidge. David and Mia Faye Sandidge also visited and they all visited Faye Lewis. Glenda Sullivan also visited Faye and took her to the Bill Lynam visitation, memorial and dinner at Mt. Sterling Baptist Church Saturday. We extend sympathy to Evelyn and the family.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan met at Roxano’s Friday evening for a good pizza. They also had a nice visit with Don and Caudett Talbot of Florence and with Bill and Jackie Hill and their friends of Versailles. They were in town for the Easter services.

Shane Turner, Peyton and Lane Turner, Ashley Cochran, Michael, Mickey Lyn and Aiden Furnish and Kiersten Furnish, Linda Furnish, Hazel and Paul Knaus, Roy and Barbara Keith, and Patty Chase had a good lunch and Easter egg hunt with Paul and Sondra Furnish. Aiden found the golden egg with the special prize.

The Florence Church of Christ along with all the other churches had their special Easter Sunrise service and breakfast.

John and Toni Kniola had a nice visit with granddaughter Heather and her husband as they were in visiting friends on their way to California. They attended the Frisch Marionettes Saturday at the Hoosier Theater. John will have knee surgery Tuesday. Keep him in your prayers.

Casey and Sheila Rininger, Marge and Cliff Zimmerman and Mark Zimmerman, Jr., spent a few days in Gulfport, Arkansas moving Marge and Cliff to their new home.

Johnny Dale and Kim Lock visited Patty Chase Wednesday evening to show her pictures of daughter Brittany’s birthday in Lafayette. They also visited Shauna and David McClure and Dylan while there.

Richard and Leona Adams spent two great weeks in Florida with Leona’s sister Becky and Ross and her brother John and Bonnie. They had a good time golfing, shopping, getting lots of sunshine, etc.

Jerry McKenzie called looking for a new address for classmate Don Hamilton. We’ve lost track of him. He lived around the Fairview area in the 1950s, I think. Call if you know where he is. Thank you.

Charles and Alberta Pickett, Tiffany Rininger, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Kiersten and Kaden McClure, Mike Johnston, Judy Lozier and Patty Chase had their traditional Good Friday breakfast at Pleasant’s Old School Cafe´. Nadine Swift was working in the area and intended to meet them but had a life squad call that kept her from getting there. Chrissy Albright spent Tuesday evening with Patty Chase while Diane had an appointment before they went bowling.

Our prayer list includes Aaron Snelling’s daughter Hailey. He is the Mt. Byrd Church of Christ minister in Milton, Kentucky. She was injured on an ATV accident. We hope she is recovering. Also Mary Lou Chase, Jerilyn Van Winkle, Denny Brown, Sharon and Paul Ballard, Patty Chase, Juanita Baer, Jonas Keith, LoriAn Lozier (wisdom teeth surgery), Linda Lauderbaugh Scott, Thelma Jewell Seal, Peggy Eckerty, Jim Welch, Ashley Works, Brenda Peelman, John Kniola, Trisha Lyons and many more. Also, sympathy to the families of Bud Bowlin of Florence and Mary Goode Wallis of Madison, an owner of Vevay Newspapers, Inc.