Florence News 4-3-14


The R.E.M.C. meeting was well attended in Osgood Saturday. It was raining so the local golf carts came in handy. Switzerland county was well represented and several won the nice gifts. (Not me!) I rode out with Alberta Pickett and Tiffany Rininger and stopped at Vevay Subway on the way out and grabbed a really good breakfast sandwich to eat on the road. On the way home we stopped at Crossroads in Versailles for a quick bite. There we got to visit with Marjorie Whitham and family, Squeak, Jeanette, Christy, Richard, Janet, Tracy, Clayton, Devin, Dana, Ryan, and Nicole. They had been to the R.E.M.C. meeting and met there for a family celebration. We also visited with Henry and Maxine Bushman. It was a good day.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase took Faye Lewis to her doctor appointment last Monday. charles and Alberta Pickett also went for Charles’ appointment and they all met at Frisch’s for lunch.

The Shoe Factory Reunion will be Saturday, April 12th, at the Jack Sullivan Senior Center from 2-4 p.m. Come and bring a friend. Help us advertise if you know some former employees. Thanks. Bring some money to help us pay the rent and bring your favorite food if you want to.

Cindy Laib visited Patty Chase Saturday evening to work on a Relay for Life project.

Faye Lewis’ company was Annette and Lexi Deno, Ron and Jean Sandidge, Mike and Joanna Sawalich, Evelyn Smith, Gertrude Voris, and Glenda Sullivan.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Kay O’Neal, Ronnie and Lois Ackerman. Ronnie and Maargaret Lee had a nice visit and lunch at Mo’s while Lois went to Emerson Cole’s funeral. Margaret Lee has been feeling poorly last week.

Happy birthday to Lexie Rininger, Jeff Peelman, Sarah McCreary, Roy Lee Patterson, Jeanne Konkle, Julie Bow, Allan Beaar, and Brittany Lock.

Albert Allen and Cleo Detmer, Larry and Myra Jo Spoores and Tony and Anna Spoores enjoyed a cruis to the Cayman Islands.

Our get well prayer list includes Linda Scott, Dale Patterson, Betty Scott, Dale thompson, Margaret Lee Weidmann, Leona Ware, Gary Hambrick, Bear Bladen, Bill Wiseman, Jonathan Moore and Stella Bennett and many more.

Our sympathy goes out to Myra Boles and family for the loss of her granddaughter in Ohio. sympathy also to the Linda Mello family and Bud Lewis family.