Florence News 4-27-17


A birthday party was held at the home of David and Tina Bogard Saturday for Hailey Branscum. Justin Branscum, Tiffany Perkins, Mary Dawn Edmondson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rininger and son, Jennifer Hinkle, Donte McMahon, Patrick Bear, Tiffany and J.J. Johnson, Morgan Hinkle, Tammy Hinkle, Andie and A.J. and Austin Reynolds, Lloyd Bayner, Tony Samples, Mr. and Mrs. Casey Rininger and Tiffany and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pickett all enjoyed the party. Hailey received lots of nice gifts.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Miller, Mrs. David Hall, Mrs. Jerry Bedwell, Megan Rininger and son, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pickett all met in Vevay for dinner and a nice visit Tuesday.

Easter Sunday guest of David and Tina Bogard were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rininger and son, Justin and Hailey Branscum, Tiffany Perkins, Tammy Hinkle, Tony Sample, Tiffany and J.J. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reynolds and family, Jennifer Hinkle, Donte McMahon, Patrick Beam, Morgan Hinkle, Lloyd Baynes, Charles and Alberta Pickett, Mr. and Mrs. Casey Rininger and Tiffany all enjoyed the day.

Bonnie Duckworth is recovering at home after hip surgery last week. She is doing very well and will be having therapy at KDH. Company for her has been Gary and Barbara Hornsby, Glenda Sullivan, Erin Lamkin, Stephanie Whaley, Michelle McClure and others.

Spring Revival at Versailles Church of Christ is April 23rd -28th at 6:30 p.m.

Emma Blodgett Leep will have surgery this week. Keep her in your prayers.

Cheryl Messmore is scheduled to have a hip replacement Monday, May 1st. Keep her in your prayers.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Kay O’Neal, Melody Reese, Diana Brown, Sharon Wilson, Randy and Lorraine Brown. Bobby Brown spent from Thursday to Saturday visiting mom and family.

Loretta Westrick’s boys Dave, Steve and Jon gave her a surprise birthday party Friday at her home near Milton, Kentucky. Teresa Proctor, Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan and Danny Kinman all enjoyed the party and cake.

Judd and Natasha McMillin and Jeremy and April Konkle enjoyed a concert at Pikeville, Kentucky during the weekend. Jeremy and April’s kids stayed with grandpa Jeff Gray.

Tracy and Tammy Gray and family had a belated Easter dinner Sunday. Jeff Gray, Joei Gray and girls, McKayla and Kristine and Kayla, Jeremy and April Konkle, Kaiden, Kenley and Colton, Noel, Bridget and Axel Gray, Rita Craigmyle and Evon and Reta Gray all enjoyed the dinner and the kids had an Egg hunt that was lots of fun.

Congratulation to Payton Stow. She received a flag from Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar that was flown in her honor on a 23rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron B-52 H Stratfortress Aircraft, Tail #60-052, Mission 23-083-01, on the 24th day of march 2017 in direct support of Operation Inherent Resolve.

On Easter Sunday, Errol and Jill Judy entertained family and friends for afternoon meal and Easter egg hunt. Those attending were Crista and Phil Burbrink and daughters, Isabel and Julia, Debby and Gerald Barnes, Ragina and Wesley Poling, Avery Poling, Rachel and David Schuler, Ragen and Jason Bentz and Kolten, Ashley and Andrew Craig, Shonda and B.J. Scroggins, Nathan Hunter and Kala Judy. Errol went to visit with Kenny Lauderbaugh at Swiss Villa in the evening and took him a plate of food and dessert. What a beautiful day it was to enjoy the socializing and lots of delicious food.

Sympathy to the families of Mike Webb, Raymond Johnson, Kay Lock Smith, Wilma McSwain Fels.