Florence News


  It was a wonderful weekend in Vevay with the Wine Festival and the Vevay High School Alumni. Most classes were represented and we got to visit with a lot of old friends.

  We watched the parade with Bonnie and Roy Duckworth and other friends. Then we went to the school house for the alumni. Many attended the alumni and no one looked any older. We all thank the ones that work so hard to get it together.

  Patty got a phone call from Nadine Swift but was not home so she didn’t get to talk. Hi Nadine.

  On Monday Glenda and Patty had a good lunch at A.J’s.

  On Friday Mary Archer and Glenda Sullivan went to Madison to see Tracy Seale at the Waters. Tracy enjoyed her chicken nuggets and of course her large Diet Coke.

  Sympathy to the Jim Welch family.

  On Sunday the 65th class reunion of the class of 1957 from Vevay High School had lunch at Harry’s Stone Grill in Madison. The classmates were: Janice Briggs Smith and husband, Lloyd Christman and wife, Joy Dean Lee, Donna Driver Raisor and husband, Hazel Curry Wilkerson and friend, Paul Reed and wife, Jim Leap, Raymond Slack, Peggy Ramsey Furnish, Glenda Sullivan, Don Truesdell and wife. The lunch was good as well as all of the conversation catch up on whats happening in their families and life. A great day.

  Happy birthday to KC Banta and Race Jean Griffin.