Florence News


  Hello from the Florence area. We didn’t get much Florence news this week. I like to see mine in the paper so I can cut it out and save it in a scrap book to read a few years from when it happened.

  I got a really nice phone call from Lona White Mathews. She is in Florida and we talked about the upcoming Vevay High School reunion. She said she would be here. We graduated together in 1954. I plan on being there too at the high school after the Swiss Wine Festival Parade.

  My company last week was Mary Archer, Glenda Sullivan, Rodney, Courtney and beautiful Mirah Mathews. Denny Bowman also came down when I called him to come and fix something . He always helps me. Glenda and Mary Archer stopped in and I think they helped Denny by telling him how to fix it!

  Bonnie Duckworth met Glenda and Patty in Vevay Thursday and went to Mo’s for lunch.

  Tracy Seale at the Waters in Madison said her sandwich, fries and large Diet Coke from Wendy’s really hit the spot for her lunch on Friday.

  Get well prayers for Geneva Robinson, Cindy Gets and many others that are not feeling well.

  At Mo’s a Sunday for lunch were Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Nancy Johnson, Judy Lozier and Glenda Sullivan.

  Sympathy tot he families of Roe Marsh, Buster Chase, Sarah Hoffman and Tom Adkins.

  Back to school week. Watch out for the kids!