Florence News


  Mary Archer and her sister Ethel Althoff attended a 90th birthday celebration for their cousin Maxine Bushman on Saturday evening at her daughter’s home, Luann and Terry Turner. It was a nice evening with family and friends and good food.

  Patty Chase had a nice phone call with her sisters-in-law last week, Peggy Sullivan at Austin and Brenda Peelman near East Enterprise. They were all doing well.

  Patty’s company last week was: Denny Bowman, Glenda Sullivan, Mary Archer and others.

  Thinking of Bonnie Duckworth, Richard and Leona Adams and Carolyn Lowe.

  On Friday Glenda Sullivan visited Tracy Seale at the Waters in Madison and took her some treats from McDonald’s and her large Diet Coke. Tracy and Clayton both had birthdays this week, so Janet and Richard Sullivan were taking them a home cooked meal on Sunday to North Vernon. On Tuesday Judy Malone went with Janet to see Tracy.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and Glenda Sullivan had lunch Sunday at Mo’s. The others that generally go had other plans.