Florence News 3-9-17


Janet Brown’s daughter, Linda Brown and Sharon Parker gave a birthday party for her Saturday at Jewell’s in Warsaw. They decorated with her favorite color of purple, even the ice cream cake had a purple 80 on it. Those attending were: Terry and Kristen Parker, Kyle and Ashley Mitchell, Mike and Evan Brown, Jim and Pam McDaniel, Patty Huff, Jerry and Linda Webb, Betty Hughes, Rick and Marlene Peters, Megan and Jimmy Kaczmarek, James Brogan, Ryan and Andrea Ogden, Carolyn Lowe, Beverly Davis. Ashley brought her TV and video of Janet’s life story. Everyone really enjoyed it. It was a great party. Happy birthday, Janet.

Nadine Swift and Glenda Sullivan celebrated their birthdays at Granny’s Monday evening with Karen and David Wentworth, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Charles and Alberta Pickett, Casey Rininger, Tiffany Rininger, Judy Lozier and Patty Chase. They share their birthday with Janet Brown, who couldn’t be there. Happy birthday to all. It was birthday party time at Fairway Inn near Belterra for Mukesh Patel. It was a surprise from his employees. Attending was Makesh and Bina Patel, their nephew from Florida, S.L. Patel, Linda Jones, Patty Chase, Shane Green, Ronda Norfleet, Lova Brioni. Kay Cook and Ashley Jones also stopped in for a minute but couldn’t stay to enjoy the pizza and beautiful cake.

Jason Jones spent part of the weekend with great grandma Betty and Bud Hargrove. Jason will be going to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for test this week. Keep him in your prayers.

Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan visited Loretta Westrick near Milton, Kentucky Sunday. Her house had some damage from the storm last week. Several local places were damaged too. I don’t think any one was hurt. Thank God for that.

Allena Weaver was baptized at the Center Square Baptist Church Sunday. Several members of her family attended.

Richard and Janet Sullivan and Squeaky and Jeanette Knaus visited Margie Whitham at Swiss Villa Thursday evening and later went to the Mickey Whitham visitation at Haskell and Morrison Funeral Home.

We have added to our prayer list Glenda Fritter, Margie Ford, Jason Jones and all in need.

Genevieve Truitt celebrated her 84th birthday (March 1st) on February 28th at the Waters of Dillsboro with Verlene and Vernon Sharp, Bonnie and Roy Duckworth, Roger Truitt and fiancé Barb Finley, granddaughter Amy and Bryan Maddox and son Logan and great grandchildren Kiersten and Kaden McClure. Happy birthday Genevieve.

The Shoe Factory Reunion will be April 8th at the Jack Sullivan Center. Tell all your friends so we can get the information out to everyone. Plan on attending from 2-4 p.m.

Margaret Lee Weidman’s company was Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Cheryl and Jason Messmore and Joyce Atwood. Cheryl will be spending a few days with Linda Harrell and friends in Madison. Margaret Lee wanted to thank John Stafford for his help and a nice visit.

Leona Adams called and said the Quercus Grove United Methodist Church was canceled on Sunday do to storm damage. The congregation gathered at Aberdeen United Methodist Church this past Sunday and hope to be back in service this Sunday.