Florence News 3-3-16


Spring is on the way.

Charles and Alberta Pickett, Patty Chase and Nadine Swift visited the Jack Sullivan Senior Citizen Center one afternoon. We really need to support the center. The food is good and prices good. They play bingo, do puzzles and other activities and its close to home. Cherry Phillips came in to visit and said he and Lucille sold there farm on Popcorn Ridge and moved to Vevay and really like it.

Glenda Sullivan, Janet Brown, Nadine Swift, Kaulene Green, Steven Konkle, Kenny Chatham, Juanita Baer and more all share a February 27th birthday.

Glenda, Janet and Nadine were honored at a party at Swiss Villa Saturday with pizzas, breadsticks, drinks, pretty cakes and many birthday cards. Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Mark and Rhonda Scott, Charles and Alberta Pickett, Nathan and Donna Hughes, Dale and Danilee Thompson, Marshall and Wanda Carter, Patty Chase, Rita Sullivan, Cathy Debaun, Dana Einhaus, Cindy Giess, Janice Tuley, Mary Lou Furnish, Linda Hehe, Suzie Bovard, Carolyn Miller, Jennifer Craig, Christy Knaus, Donna Barnes, Christy Orwig, Stella Bennett, Janet Kent, Misty Simpson, Shelby Garland, Becky Richards, Margie Whitham, Rahe Jean Griffin, Sylvia Byars, Malcomb Markland, Pam Acton, Carolyn Lowe, Azalee Harsin, and probably some I missed, all enjoyed the day.

Glenda’s other company besides the birthday party was: Doris O’Banion, Jeanette Knaus, Christy Knaus, Pam Reed, Alice Faye Whitham, Richard and Janet Sullivan, Evelyn Davidson, Pam Ricketts, Florence Haskell, John and Tootie Leap, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Karen Nickells and Kathy Tucker.

She also got a birthday call from Judy Lozier

Happy birthday to Genevieve Truitt March 1st; Sondra Furnish March 1st; and Keith Little, March 16th.

Ken and Sylvia Byars; Charles and Alberta Pickett; Roy and Bonnie Duckworth; Gary, Karen and David Wentworth and their grandson; Patty Chase and Nadine Swift had a good lunch in Kentucky Sunday to celebrate Nadine’s birthday.

PJ Jones, Annie, David, Jasmine and Jason visited Bud and Betty Hargrove.

Our get well list includes Kenny Miller, Chance Hinman, Linda Dunaway, Kenny Clements, Charles Pickett, Peter Lowe, Sherri Weales, Frances Miller, Donna Barnes, Zayline Brogan, Glenda Sullivan, Francis Pike, Shelby Garland, Ronnie O’Banion and Sarah Headen.

Pete Lowe had back surgery at Louisville and is recovering well at home.

Brittanie Little had surgery on her shoulder after a car accident and is in recovery. Brittanie had a plate put in her broken shoulder and she has a broken bone in her neck. Prayers for her and all on the get well list.

Keith and Jean Little had dinner at Jewell’s to celebrate Keith’s birthday.