Florence News 3-27-14


First, a correction. Last week I reported no charge to set up at the Farmers and Artisan Sale at the Markland food pantry site on Saturday mornings. I visited that site Saturday morning to find out for sure and was told it cost $5 each time you set up or a yearly cost but I don’t know that price. They had some homemade crafts and a big bake sale. It is a good place to set up your homemade goods and produce.

Eddie and Debbie Gregory and Sharon LaMaster visited Ray and Virginia Bear and took them out to eat to celebrate Ray’s birthday last week. Virginia will have a birthday next week. Happy birthday. Eddie and Debbie are also visiting Neal and Jill Smith and baby Jade near Aberdeen often.

My neighbors, Eddie, T.J. and Roy are good to set my trash can out but last week someone else did it and I don’t know who it was. Thanks to all of you.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase went to Milan on business and had a really good lunch at The Reservation. They went on to Walmart and had a nice visit with Loretta Spurlock and Karen. They are planning to attend the Shoe Factory Reunion April 12th. They also saw Eva Fette when they first went into Walmart and ran into Bob Browning as they were leaving.

Patty had a nice little visit with Rita Griffin Welch and her little grandson at Markland Circle K. one evening. Rita is recovering from a heart attack and staying in Madison with her son for a while.

We were very sorry to hear that Jimmy Williams lost his life in a truck accident on Markland Pike. Sympathy to Laura and all the family. He will be missed.

Sympathy also to the Larry Parnell family. He was a good friend and neighbor. Also sympathy to the Emerson Cole family.

Our prayer list includes Rita Griffin Welch, Leona Ware, Steve Bladen, Bill Wiseman, Nora Gross, Joyce Riggesby, Mike Johnson’s friend in Kentucky, Linda Scott, Stella Bennett, and Genevieve Truitt.

The Patriot Fire Department will have a fish fry at the Firehouse as meet and greet the new fire chief, Wayne Turner, Jr., April 11th from 5:30-8 p.m. Adult cost will be $8, chldren less. Everyone is welcome.

The Shoe Factory Reunion will be Saturday, April 12th, at the Jack Sullivan Senior Center from 2-4 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Bring a litle money to pitch in to help with expenses.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth attended the birthday for grandson Kaden McClure in Madison last week.

Faye Lewis’ company was Evelyn Lynam and daughter Jenna and two friends from the Mount Sterling Baptist Church. Also, Janet Kent, Mike and Joanna Sawalich, Annette Deno, Jean Sandidge, Evelyn Smith, Gertude Voris and Glenda Sullivan.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman spent several days in Florida and reported how nice the weather was.

A. J. Avelar left the Fairway Inn to meet his family in Las Vegas last week. Brittney and Adrick came back to Indiana with him and will be stayig at the Fairway while A. J. is working on a construction project in Ghent, Kentucky.

DJ Wilhoite, Devin Smith and Riley Joe Smith attended Collin Ware’s 5th birthday party at Markland Park Saturday.

Casey, Sheila, Tiffany, Lilly and Lavey Rininger, Michael Rininger, Frank Rininger, Megan and Haley, David and Tina all enjoyed a big get together with Brian Rininger and family near Florence Saturday.

Happy 21st birthday to LeAnn Lozier.

Glad to hear Dale Thompson is recovering from his chemotherapy.