Florence News 3-2-17


Richard and Janet Sullivan of Westport visited Janet’s mom Margie Whitham at Swiss Villa, then visited Glenda Sullivan in Vevay; before meeting Squeak and Jeanette Knaus and Denny and Beverly Koons to have dinner in Rising Sun. Margie Whitham hasn’t been feeling well. Keep her in your prayers.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase visited with Lori Sainz at the East Enterprise Post Office then went on to Rising Sun and visited with Brenda Peelman, Jakob, Jaylen and Jenna at Subway.

Judy Lozier, LeAnn and Lori Lozier and Nancy Johnson spent Sunday afternoon together at Judy’s near Markland. LeAnn Lozier has been accepted into the Lexington, Kentucky police academy. Good luck LeAnn. Lori Lozier spent the weekend visiting in Houston, Texas.

Casey, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger and Frank and Megan Rininger and the baby went to Battle Creek, Michigan for a Valentine’s Day Dance with Lilly Rininger. She had a beautiful pink dress so Casey bought a new pink shirt to match. They visited other friends and relatives while there.

Glenda Sullivan celebrated her birthday with Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Charles and Alberta Pickett, Gary and David Wentworth and Patty Chase on Sunday. She shares her birthday with Janet Brown and Nadine Swift. Charles Pickett has been celebrating his February 17th birthday for two weeks. Happy birthday to all. Also to Sondra Furnish on March 3rd, Nathan Hughes and Mukesh Patel at Fairway Inn. Betty Peters Drew of Hanover called to say her brother Bill Peters spent a few days in the hospital and is now at home. He lost 40 pounds while he was sick for a month. Ed Trinkle called Betty to ask about Bill after he saw it in last week’s Vevay paper.

Get well prayers go out for Bill Peters, Margie Whitham, Thelma Jewell Seal, Sylvia Byars, Betty Hargrove, Helen Parks, Makenzie Walston.

My 1954 Vevay High School classmate, Lucille Rieman Bunger passed away in Lakewood, Colorado. She was a lovely lady. Sympathy to the Dean Griffin family and the Anita Berkley Stutzman family.

The Florence Flowers Home Ec. ladies entertained the East Enterprise Home Ec. ladies with a soup, sandwich and dessert dinner last Monday evening. They had great food and entertainment (games) and a great time.

Richard and Leona Adams enjoyed the Highwaymen Concert at Belterra Saturday night with many others from Switzerland County. Leona went to meet and hold her new great- great-grandson at Madison. Richard said he married an old woman.

The Shoe Factory reunion will be coming up in April. Watch the paper for the dates and details.

Mark and Rhonda Scott visited in Florence Sunday and attended the Florence Church of Christ Sunday evening. We have Sunday service at 6:30 p.m.. Everyone is welcome.

Tracy Holmes Walston’s little girl McKenzie Renea Ann spent a few days in the hospital and is at home now. She is still coughing but getting better. Her brother Landon had his third birthday last week.

Carolyn Lowe and Janet Brown and many more attended the 60th anniversary celebration for Earl and Barbara (Babe) Bowling. They had great food and a pretty cake and a great time.

Cheryl Messmore has been staying with her mom Margaret Lee for several weeks with an arm injury and is now able to go home and wait for a hip replacement. Get well soon Cheryl. Their company last week was Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Floyd Wiltz, Joyce Atwood, Kay O’Neal, Gail Ann Clements and Jason Messmore. Thanks Lorraine for all the meals.

Just got a nice call from Mary Lou Sloan. She has sold her house in Switzerland County and has moved to the Hoosier Boy Senior Housing in Rising Sun. Saturday her two sister in-laws, Martha Sloan and Genevieve Sloan came to see her apartment and later had lunch and a nice visit. Sunday Mary Lou and Ginny Ann Adams had dinner at Red Lobster in Cincinnati.