Florence News 3-19-15


The beautiful Ohio River is flooding again and will be higher than it has been for several years. We were talking about it Sunday evening at church. Mark Scott said he remembers when his dad, Harland Scott, had riders to work at the shoe factory when the river went over the road at Plum Creek and Harland drove through it. Mark said he was about six years old and was with him that day and remembers the lady riders being afraid, probably squealing or something, until we got through. I was riding with them and can’t remember who else was. Of course the next day we had to take the long way around. I’m sure there are a lot of flood stories popping up now. Maybe you would like to share yours.

The East Enterprise Firefighters cooked a good ham and bean supper Saturday at the East Enterprise Station. Everyone enjoyed the food. A lot of people brought containers or used the ones there to take it home and everyone had a good time. Thanks to the men and women who helped and thanks to the firefighters for being there when they are needed.

Randy Brown is visiting his mom Margaret Lee Weidmann a lot while Lorraine Brown and Floyd Wiltz are visiting friends and relatives out West. Friday Regina Turner brought them lunch and visited for a while. Sunday Diana Brown and Audrey Marsh brought lunch and visited. Kay O’Neal also visited.

Richard and Janet Sullivan came from Westport to visit Margie Whitham and Glenda Sullivan. Faye Lewis had a lot of company, Mike and Joanna Sawalich, Alice Faye Whitham, Martha McKee, Carolyn Hysell, Gertrude Voris, Bonnie Wade, Ron and Jean Sandidge, Glenda Sullivan, Mary Evelyn Pohlman, and Evelyn Smith.

Kaden McClure had a good birthday party with parents Randy and Michelle McClure and Kiersten in Madison Saturday. Bonnie and Roy Duckworth, Melissa Duckworth, Verle Truitt, Amy Maddox, Janice McClure, Michelle and Jason Gray, David McClure and a friend and Ethan McQueen.

Happy birthday to one-year-old Jade Smith, also to her great-granddad Ray Bear, Betty Hargrove and Jeremy Peelman.

Pete and Carolyn send Happy Birthday wishes to Jeri Lowe in Florida. Hi Jerri from Switzerland County.

Dale and Danilee Thomson of North Vernon were going to spend the weekend in Florence but left early Saturday morning just before Turtle Creek went over their road. They stopped in Vevay for breakfast with Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase, and Charles and Alberta Pickett. We also got to visit with Mardell Pike and Johnny and Sandy Sykes. Mardell had spent a couple of days with Johnny and Sandy in Madison and were on their way home. Brenda Peelman and granddaughter Jacey also stopped for breakfast so we had a nice visit.

Kenny Clements spent the weekend in Dearborn County Hospital for a breathing problem. They ran some tests. He called me last night to say the tests show he may have emphysema. He should be home by now. Get well prayers for him and Myrtle Ritchie, Joe Johnson, Cheryl Hussong, Theresa Crabtree, James Brogan, Margie Ford, Sharon Schmitt, Pam May, Pete Lowe, Larry Wentworth, and Alberta Pickett.

Verle Truitt had eye surgery and is doing very well. Get well to all.