Florence News 3-15-18


  The 2018 flood caused a lot of damage. It did not get in my house but under in and in the basement. We moved everything out of the first floor just in case. I am so thankful for the local fire departments, friends, neighbors and all who helped. I know everyone that needed help are as thankful. Now we need them to help  us back in. Angie and Rod Chase helped me on day and will be back this week to help again. Ken Byars got cleaning supplies to all he could plus other help. If you have any flood stories we would like to hear them. Your newspaper correspondents will put them in the column if you let us know. We will be cleaning for a long time so we have time to read the paper.

  Judy Lozier, Teresa Turner, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan met at Granny’s one evening for supper.

  Charles Pickett is recovering at theme after a few days int he hospital. He had breakfast at Granny’s with the group on Saturday.

  Gary and Barb Hornsby, Brian and Kelli Schultz and daughter Charlanda, Andrew and Paxton Todd, and Roy and Bonnie Duckworth had a birthday party at the home of Randy, Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure at Hanover Friday evening for Kaden’s birthday. Happy birthday Kaden.

  Sunday afternoon Bonnie and Roy Duckworth and many old friends met at the Versailles Church of Christ to celebrate the churches 60th anniversary. Kerry Allen was a great speaker.

  Verle Truitt spend a few days in the hospital and is now back at Ross Manor in Dillsboro recovering. Roy and Bonnie Duckworth visited him Sunday evening before church.

  It was good to see Dale Thompson back in church with Danilee Sunday. He is still recovering. Keep him and Verle Truitt in your prayers. Also, Chuck Pickett, Bud Hargrove and all in need.

  Happy belated birthday to Sondra Kay Furnish and Nathan Hughes.

  The East Enterprise Fire Department will have their fish dinner this Friday March 30th at the East Enterprise Fire House. Ladies, please bring desserts.

  Sincere sympathy goes out to the families of Travis Griffith and Kirk Works.