Florence News 3-14-13


The daffodils from the American Cancer Society have been canceled this year. We are sorry because we enjoyed getting out and seeing people. We may come up with another flower to give for donations.

The Vevay Shoe Factory reunion will be Saturday, April 13th, at the Jack Sullivan Senior Citizen Center. Tell your friends so everyone will come this year. We can’t get the word out to everyone. Hope to see you there.

The REMC appreciation day will be March 23rd in Osgood.

Sorry to hear that Helga Stewart House passed away. She is Steve, Shawn and Sandy Stewart’s mom. She remarried and had more children. Helga was a fine lady. We worked with her at the shoe factory for a long time. She will be missed. Sympathy to the family. It was good to see Sandy in from Germany. Also good to see the other family members at the memorial at the Vevay Church of Christ.

A gentleman named Eric Johnson stopped at the Fairway Inn this morning to report a car over the bank at the end of Log Lick Road. He didn’t have his phone with him. It was called in and the police got there in a hurry with the Rescue Unit. Thanks, Eric, for your good deed. Ron Marginson, Audrey Marsh, Shawn Auxier, Judy Bailey, Angie Handlon, Allan Bear, Roger Nay and K. C. Banta visited Denny and Diana Brown last week.

Denny and Diana want to thank their dear niece Angie for taking them to the Crossroads in Versailles with Jack and Judy Bailey, Cassie Auxier and Audrey Marsh. It was really good food and good visits.

Dorothy and John Duckworth spent Friday with grandparents Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and spent Saturday with other grandparents Rick and Toni Allen. Roy and Bonnie and many others went to Kaden McClure’s birthday party Saturday.

The Florence and Friends Relay team had a meeting Thursday to plan out their fund raiser ideas. After the meeting Charles and Alberta Pickett, Patty Chase, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and Cid Scott had a good supper at Jewell’s.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Dale Drew and Betty Peters, Earl and Jerilyn Van Winkle, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Gail Ann Clements.

Get well prayers go out for Libby Ray, Nora Gross, Paul and Sharon Ballard, Linda Brown, Fleeta Bell Smith, Thelma Jewell Seal, Linda Scott, Patty Chase and many others.

Sincere sympathy to the families of the three high school students in Ripley County, Timothy Bowman, Jacob Vogel and Samantha Hanson and get well prayers for their three classmates.

Please call me with your news. Thank you.