Florence News


  Hello from Florence. We have had pretty weather here lately. I don’t have much news again since I am not in Florence much anymore. I am in Vevay and love it here. I will be driving back to Florence for church on Sunday mornings. Call if you have news for the Florence column and will get it in for you until someone takes over in Florence for me. 

  I’ve talked to Teresa Turner about helping me but she might move if her house sells. It is such a pretty place. We really need a grocery store in Florence. I would try one if I was “several” years younger. Years ago we lived near Markland and would drive to Florence just to get an ice cream cone. The kids up there went to Patriot High School and we went to Vevay so we got to visit there.

  I got my invitation to the Vevay High School Alumni luncheon at Saturday August 27th. Watch for yours. 

  Get well wishes for Bonnie Duckworth also Ed and Debbie Gregory.

  Patty’s company last week was Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Wilma Turner, Mary Archer and Glenda Sullivan.

  Sympathy to the family of Bobby Leap. Keep them in your prayers.

  Happy birthday to Karen Wentworth.

  Keep “cool” and “safe” with all the hot weather that is expected this week.