Florence News


  Hello from Florence. I didn’t visit at Florence last week so didn’t get much news from there. Please call me at (812) 427-2299 or come and visit me at Switzer Square #131 and bring your news.

  Wilma (Bowman) Turner is here and has been out under doctors care for a few weeks. She is back now and doing good and looks good. She likes it here too.

  Denny and Mary Lou Bowman visit a lot and I usually have a chore or two for him. Wilma Turner is his aunt too so they can visit both aunts while here.

  My other company last week was Glenda Sullivan, Linda May Jones, Smitty, Mary Leo Archer, Judy Lozier, Nadine Swift. We had a nice visit with Rita Vanatter at AJ’s last week.

  Leon Johnson is on our prayer list and also Lou Wadsworth.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth camped at Clifty Falls this week end. Michelle, Randy and Kaden McClure, Kaege, Kiersten and Cash Cunningham came by Saturday evening for a cookout and to wish Roy a happy birthday.

  On Friday Tracy Seale at the Waters in Madison and Glenda Sullivan had a good visit. Tracy was glad to get the sandwich and large Diet Coke.

  On Sunday Roy Duckworth’s birthday continued with cards and well wishes. Those that enjoyed lunch at Mo’s were Bonnie and Roy Duckworth, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Nancy Johnson, Judy Lozier and Glenda Sullivan. Happy birthday Roy.

  Sympathy to the Shirley Cook family.