Florence News 2-9-17


This was a week of eating out and celebrating birthdays. Thursday Ken and Sylvia Byars treated Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase to a great lunch at Mo’s for Patty’s belated and Glenda’s early birthday. Thursday evening Ken, Sylvia, Glenda and Patty met Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Charles and Alberta Pickett, Tiffany Rininger and Judy Lozier and Patron’s to celebrate Bonnie’s birthday.

Sunday after church Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Charles and Alberta Pickett, James and Rita Brogan, Casey and Sheila Rininger, Gary and David Wentworth and Mark Scott, Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan, Tiffany Rininger, Nadine Swift, Judy Lozier and Nancy Johnson all met at Carrollton KFC to again celebrate Bonnie’s birthday. We all had a great time and it keeps going. Friday evening Roy and Bonnie met Marc Duckworth, Dorothy, John , Maggie and Dorothy’s friend Cooper for another dinner. Saturday evening Roy and Bonnie met Randy, Michelle, Kaden and Kiersten McClure and Kaige Cunningham for another birthday dinner.

Dale and Danilee Thompson visited in the area Friday. Dale is getting better. Keep him in your prayers.

Saturday evening Floyd Wiltz, Randy and Lorraine Brown and Cheryl Messmore had dinner at Sunset Grill to celebrate Lorraine’s birthday. It was Floyd’s treat. Jason Messmore visited Margaret Lee and family and took Cheryl Messmore for her therapy. Cheryl is improving.

Verle and Genevieve Truitt are both feeling better. Verle spent a few days at Dearborn County Hospital. Bonnie said he is getting his strength back and is feeling good and happy.

Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan had a nice visit with Jimmy and Mary Simmons in Vevay one day. They also had a nice visit with Jeffrey and Jacey Peelman at Patron’s while enjoying Bonnie Duckworth’s birthday.

Jerry and Robin Jewell visited Bud and Betty Hargrove and visited with Linda Jones while she was at work at Fairway Inn near Florence.

Richard and Janet Sullivan of Westport visited Margie Whitham at Swiss Villa Saturday and said Margie was feeling good. Later they visited Glenda Sullivan and went on to meet Squeak and Jeanette Knaus and Christy and Jennifer to have dinner in Rising Sun. Earlier in the week Richard and Janet visited Tracy Seale at the Waters of Clifty. Sondra Hyde also visits Tracey often.

Please call if you have news. I know you get tired of reading all about me. We want to know what you are doing. Thank you! I hope to see you at the Red Hat lunch at the Ridge Winery on Monday February 13th.