Florence News 2-8-18


Marsha Patterson retired from the Vevay Bank after 39 years. We will miss seeing her in the window and welcome whoever replaces her. Good luck, Marsha.

Bonnie and Roy Duckworth had supper with Randy, Michelle, Kiersten and Kaden McClure at Hanover Friday evening to celebrate Bonnie’s birthday. On Sunday, Bonnie and Roy, Charles and Alberta Pickett, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth, Judy Lozier, Nancy Johnson, Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase, Don Smith and Mark Scott had lunch to celebrate Bonnie’s birthday again at 88 King Buffet at Madison. Happy birthday, Bonnie.

Betty Hargrove, Linda Jones, Debby Barnes and Paul Jason Jones went to Loogootee to visit Darrell and Peggy Stoll, Connie Miller and Drew Miller. Peggy is fighting a bottle with cancer and needs our prayers.

Jerry and Robin Jewell, Linda Jones, PJ. Annie and the kids, Herman Surber and Dobby and Gerald Barnes have visited Betty Hargrove since she is home from the hospital and improving. Bud is still under doctors care and both need our prayers.

Bobby Brown was in to visit Margaret Lee Weidmann and family a few days. Cheryl Messmore is also visiting mom and family and friends this week. Other company was: Diana Brown, Sharon Wilson and granddaughters Allison and Peyton.

Danilee Thompson called to say Dale is still in a Columbus Nursing Home but getting better and may be able to go home soon. Keep him in your prayers; and also Eric Stewart for his hand injury and Bob Wheeler has Parkinson disease. Also Charlie Seymour, Teresa Turner, Betty Griswold, Pam May and all in need.

The Hoosier Theater will have a good movie Saturday night February 10th called ‘The Lucky One’. Hope to see you there.

Leona Adams went to her great- great-grandson’s first birthday party, Tobias James, at Hanover Baptist Church. Leona also visited Gladys Hunt at the Waters of Clifty.