Florence News 2-7-13


Don’t forget the Jack Adkins benefit in Patriot Saturday night and the Louie Peelman benefit Saturday afternoon at the Switzerland County Elementary School.

Virginia Briggs had a big day Saturday celebrating her 90th birthday at Brushy Fork Church. She said Jennifer Sparks, Dennis and Sue Briggs, Greg Briggs, Lisa Bradshaw and son Trey and others got it all together for her. It was Trey’s birthday too. Others attending were Sharon and Patty Brown. It was Patty’s birthday too. Virginia’s grandson Eric Briggs from California, her sister Jean HIckman and sons, Bruce and Diane and John all of Indianapolis, Brian and Jeanne and son Kyle of Floyds Knobs and David and Debbie of Vevay and Norma Roberson, her two nieces, Mary Cardin of Florida met Debbie Ratterman in St. Louis and came ahead together. Also Matt Briggs and family of Indianapolis, Guthrie and Lisa Briggs of Walton, Kentucky, Martha Blodgett, Daisy Swanson, Glo Asbury Jackson, Carolyn Morton, Gary and Rosemary Jessup, Leon and Alice Gray, Bob and Carol Ann Swinney, Jean Morton, Dorothy Green, Clarence and Don Blodgett, John and Barbara Higgins, Wanda Phillips and daughter Marsha and Wanda’s nieces Muriel Hughes and Nancy Adams, Ann, Mark and Jacob Stenger of Batesville, Glen Crandell, Kendrick and Brenda Briggs. Also their minister Chris and Kerri Clemons and little girl Chloe. Chloe also had a birthday last Sunday and her grandparents from Pennsylvania and West Virginia came in for that big event. Virginia got so many cards in the mail and said the cake was beautiful. She loves and thanks everyone. It was a wonderful day. That’s a lot of names Virginia. Hope we didn’t forget anyone. Happy Birthday.

Earl and Jerilyn Van Winkle visited Margaret Lee Weidmann. Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown dropped in at the same time for a nice visit. Kay O’Neal visited later.

Corinne Martin is visiting her sister Diana Sue and Brad Tate in Georgia. She called Sunday to say hi to everyone and said how pretty it was there. I told her how pretty our snow was here.

Best wishes to Sharon, Nancy, Sarah and Wendy as they open the Ladies Bazaar. I’m sure you have a lot of good and unusual items as you kind of carry on what the Bizarre Ladies used to do.

Last week I asked for leaders for the Relay for Life in June and then put in the wrong phone number. Glenda’s is 427-3752. I gave you Sarah Headen’s which is the same numbers but arranged different. I’m sure Sarah would take the message for us too. Oops.

There was a small fire in one of the rooms at the Fairway Inn last week. D.J. Wilhoite deserves credit for getting everyone out and having a guest help her put out the fire. Good job D.J. Everything was okay but a little scary for a while.

I think I’ve had my last birthday celebration for the year with a delicious cake made by Del Percer-Snook at the Hoosier Theater board meeting. Thanks to everyone for another great birthday that went on and on.

Bonnie Duckworth celebrated her birthday Sunday with the church bunch at KFC. She also had cake last Wednesday at Bible study and there is more to come. On and on seems to be our motto. Happy birthday, Bonnie.

Faye Lewis’ company was Tim, Annette, Abby, Parker and Lexi Deno, Evelyn Smith, Nora Gross, Mike Sawalich, Patty Chase, Jean Sandidge and Glenda Sullivan.

Happy birthday to Cheri Gilliam, Judy Lozier, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase took Sharon Ballard for her first chemotherapy treatment last week. She did well. She was kind of snowed in and needed to be able to get out for her appointment and to visit Paul at Swiss Villa so Rod Chase cleaned out her road. She thanks Rod for his time and equipment. Keep them in your prayers.

Kim Hambrick had surgery and is recovering at home. Let’s keep her in our prayers.

Jerry Chase also had serious surgery and is slowly recovering at the hospital in West Virginia. He may be home by now. Prayers for them and for Clarabelle Crandell, Mike Danner, John Scudder, Dale Stebens, Verle Truitt, Eddie McClellan, Jody Winslow, Juanita Baer, Dutchie Scholl and many more.