Florence News 2-2-17


Malcolm Markland and Pam Acton visited “Jungle” Jim and Carol Strawsbaugh in Cincinnati last Saturday and they went to the ‘Jungle Jim’ store. They really enjoyed shopping and looking around and said that the store may never be the same after they left. They had a great visit with everyone.

Gerald and Debbie Barnes visited Bud and Betty Hargrove a couple of weeks ago. Betty also got a nice phone call from Jillana Judy.

Cheryl Messmore and Joyce Atwood spent a few days again last week with Linda Harrell at Madison and helped Linda celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday Linda. Cheryl is still at her moms while her shoulder is getting well. Joyce Atwood, Kay O’Neal, Donna Miller, Jason Messmore and Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown also visited Margaret Lee.

Happy birthday to Bonnie Duckworth on Friday.

Linda Jones went with her mom, Betty Hargrove, for outpatient surgery at Madison Friday. Hope she gets good results. Betty’s sister Peggy and Darrell Stoll visited them earlier in the week.

Charles and Alberta Pickett visited Frank and Megan Rininger and baby on Green Valley last Sunday. Megan’s family was also there.

Reta Gray celebrated her 80th birthday January 29th. She and Evon were in Vevay visiting friends and had lunch at the American Legion with Pat and Bob Slack, and had a nice visit with Paul and Sharon Schmidt. Sharon bought their lunch for her birthday. They really appreciated that and Paul and Sharon felt good to do that. Reta said they had a wonderful day visiting in Vevay and when they got home their kids came in with a birthday cake for another good time. Happy birthday Reta.

Glenda Sullivan and Richard and Janet Sullivan along with Sondra Hyde visited Tracy Seale at the Waters of Clifty in Madison.

Bonnie and Roy Duckworth visited with Verle Truitt at Dearborn County Hospital and with Genevieve Truitt at the Waters of Dillsboro several days.

Verle spent a few days at Dearborn County Hospital and plans to go to go for therapy at The Waters of Dillsboro. Other family members have been visiting Verle and Genevieve.

I got a nice call from Ed Trinkle of Virginia wishing me a happy belated birthday and from Brenda Peelman and others. Thanks.

Sympathy to the Shirley Tingle Hewitt family. Shirley was a good friend and will be missed.

Sympathy also to the Larry Tinker family. Larry was from Switzerland County but later went to Chicago.

Sympathy to the Sherry McAlister Combs family. Sherry and her family are all really good friends. She will be missed.