Florence News 2-16-17


Ramona Miller said her sister, Gloria Baatz McFadden, passed away the last week of January in Shelbyville, Indiana. She was the youngest of the Baatz family that went to school at Plum Creek. Gloria was 65. Ramona and Reva Garrett are the two of seven still living. We send sympathy to the families

Charles Pickett spend a few days at Kings Daughters Hospital. Keep him in your prayers. Happy Birthday to Charles. Casey, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger went to Alabama to visit his family due to Casey’s step dad having surgery. Keep him in your prayers.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth,Verle Truitt and Genevieve Truitt had a nice visit at the Waters of Dillsboro Sunday.

Jerry McKenzie, class president of the Vevay High School class of 1954, sent all class members an updated letter of addresses and general information. Thanks Jerry. That was good!

Sympathy to the Joe Gutierrez family. We had a nice visit with the family as they came in for the funeral and stayed at the Fairway Inn.

Janice Ramsey, Kay O’Neal, Jason Messmore, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Floyd Wiltz visited Margaret Lee Weidmann and family.

Jerry Jewell visited Bud and Betty Hargrove.

Get well prayers for Charles Pickett, Gary Shepherd, Cheryl Messmore, Scott Arvin, Verle and Genevieve Truitt and all in need. Please call with your news. We want to know what you all are doing. Thanks to the ones that do call or leave news for me.