Florence News 2-1-18


‘Grindmaster’, the number one coffee machine manufacturer in the world, presented their ‘Above and Beyond’ Award for 2017 to Mark Scott at their Louisville, Kentucky plant. Good for you, Mark.

Eric Stewart received a bad hand injury while working with a saw. Get well to him.

Betty Hargrove is doing well at home after a few days in King’s Daughters’ Hospital with the flu. Her husband Carl, was also in the hospital for tests and treatment. Get well wishes for them. Betty’s sister Peggy Leap Stoll has been really sick and under doctors are. Get well to Peggy.

Saturday afternoon Richard and Janet Sullivan of Westport visited Glenda Sullivan. They also stopped in East Enterprise to see Chance and Kayla’s baby before going on to Rising Sun with Jeanette and Squeaky Knaus for a great meal at Rising Star.

Lisa McNeely visited Patty Chase one afternoon.

Margaret Lee Weidmann wants to wish Lorraine Brown a Happy Birthday. She also wants to thank all her company for their visits and for all her calls. She is feeling a lot better now. She sends a special thank you to Chastity Scudder for coming to visit and doing her finger nails and toe nails. That was a real treat. Chastity is making house calls to do nails. I’m glad to hear that. I will be calling her. Paul Messmore called Margaret Lee to see how she is getting along. He is doing okay. He was waiting for Megan to come and get him to go to one of the grandkids ballgames. Hello to Paul from Vevay.

Leona Adams had a big birthday. Her daughter Vicky came in from Texas but was two days late due to an ice storm in Texas. Kathy and Mike James, Richard and Leona Adams and Vicky Meyers had her first birthday outing at Belterra Stadium Sunday. Richard, Leona, Vicky, Paul James and cousin Nick Newbold were guests of Aunt Ginny at the Grey Hound Tavern Restaurant in Florence, Kentucky for another birthday party. Monday, Bob and Lois Stutzman, David and Linda Stutzman, Gordie Stutzman and Vicky Meyer had another birthday bas at Rising Star. Tuesday Vicky and Leona visited Rick and Carolyn McClellan before Vicky returned to Texas. It was a great visit. Happy birthday Leona.

Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan had a nice visit with Margaret Lee Weidmann, Lorraine Brown and Barry Brown Friday evening while in Vevay.

Happy birthday to Lana Kelly, Bonnie Duckworth, Pat Lanman and Bobbi Marksberry.

Our get well list includes: Dale Thompson, Pam Mays, Ginny Leap, Bud and Betty Hargrove, Peggy Leap Stoll, Gertrude Voris, Lester Moore, Mike Johnson, Denton Bush, Rick Kelly, Margie Ford, Richard Adams, Bob Rice and all I missed.

Sympathy to the family of Mary Anne Ricketts, Joy Hazeldean, Harold Sims, Linda Bond and Jimmy McSwain.