Florence News


Not much news form Florence as I write today, January 21st, but we do have plenty of snow and cold weather. I got lots of phone calls for my birthday yesterday and all of them asked how old I am, I thing I gave several different answers.

  Sylvia Byars called this morning and our Home Ec. meeting is canceled; and also she and Ken have made four trips to Bethesda Hospital for Ken’s sister, and she is doing better.

  Larry Perlich has been in the hospital to have a pacemaker put in.

  Leona Adams told me Ginny Ann Adams has been in the hospital  in Cincinnati and Ginny’s sister Martha Stephenson has been staying with Ginny at the hospital. Leona’s niece Traci Stutzman will have serious surgery this week.

  Jennifer Sparks called me to find out about Colleen Lozier after her fall. Colleen is in a nursing home at Harrison for therapy. Between calls to me she finally had been able to talk to Estel about her.

  Glenda Sullivan had a good visit with Rita Sullivan this week.

  Nadine Swift visited Patty Chase on Sunday evening with a birthday present and a half dozen doughnuts.

  Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Kathleen Bolton and Paul and Jason Messmore visited Margaret Lee Weidmann during the week. Margaret Lee really enjoyed the phone call from Kim Curry and got caught up on the family news.

  Michelle McClure took her mom, Bonnie Duckworth to her doctor appointment following Bonnie’s gall bladder surgery and she is doing well and can go back to work soon.

  Chuck and Alberta Pickett visited Frank Rininger’s family Saturday at Green Valley.

  Judy Lozier is able to walk on her foot with crutches. Casey and Sheila Rininger visited Judy Lozier one day. LoriAnn Lozier visited Colleen Lozier in the nursing home during the week.

  Sympathy to the Bobby Hehe family.

  Thanks to Glenda Sullivan for taking my news in so I didn’t have to get out on my icy driveway.