Florence News 12-7-17


Tom Shelton will be in concert at the Florence Church of Christ on Thursday December 7th (tonight) at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome and refreshments will follow the concert.

Denny Bowman visited Patty Chase last week to help with chores while Mary Lou went with her granddaughter Lybbi for therapy.

The Florence Church has been working hard getting new cushions on the pews. They are pretty and comfortable. We also have a new furnace. Roy wants to thank everyone for their help.

Patti Marcus from Newton, Massachusetts and her sister Gerry Marcus were traveling to Louisville, Kentucky on their way to Florida to visit relatives. They stopped in Vevay for lunch where they met Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan and asked what was of interest in Vevay. They enjoyed the visit and drove around town. It was nice to meet them.

The Hoosier Theatre will present ‘Double Wide Texas’ on December 15th and 16th at 7 p.m.

Jodie Winslow of Rising Sun visited her sister and brother-in-law near San Antonio, Texas for Thanksgiving. They visited Padre Island and the Sutherland Springs Church where the shooting happened a few weeks ago. They were allowed to go inside where the pews were gone and replaced with white chairs with the names of the people who were shot, and a rose. Outside they had a fence and white crosses with the names and some had pictures. She said it was really sad.

Clara Roberts Henry called to ask about friends and to get Mary Ruth Poling’s address. It is: 515 Willow Street, Rising Sun, Indiana, 47040. She wanted to send a get well card. Mary Ruth is recovering after surgery. Get well Mary Ruth.

Bonnie and Roy Duckworth visited Bonnie’s dad Verle Truitt at the Dillsboro Nursing Home. He is doing well.

Happy birthday to Mike Johnson. Happy belated birthday to Jerry Jewel and Andrea Brogan Ogden.

Get well prayers for Margaret Lee Weidmann, Mary Ruth Poling, Mary Ann Ricketts, Bud and Betty Hargrove, Virginia Garvey, Leon Peelman, Emma Leap, and all in need.

Sympathy to the Raymond Park family and the Geneva Johnson family.

Kayla Davis and Chance Hinman are proud parents of a baby girl. Congratulations.

Margaret Lee Weidmann is still recovering at home with good days and bad days. She thanks everyone for their cards, calls and prayers. Her family is taking good care of her.

Bonnie and Roy Duckworth visited the Randy McClure family at Hanover on Saturday and made lots of cookies.

Leona Adams, Sylvia Byars, Alberta Pickett, Inez Harker and Sharon Patterson of the Florence Flowers Home Ec. Club enjoyed visiting Hillforest in Aurora as guest of the Riverview Club. They had brunch and a tour of the Mansion and all had a good time.