Florence News 12/30/2021


  Good morning from the Florence area. We hope you all had a good holiday week. We did and are looking forward to a great new year.

  Nadine Swift visited Glenda Sullivan Saturday night then visited Patty Chase on her way back to work.

  I didn’t get to collect much news this week. Call me at (812) 427-2299 if you would like to put your news in this column.

  Mary Lou and Denny Bowman visited Patty Chase a few times over the holidays. My other company was Wilma Bowman Turner, Mary Leo Archer, Smitty, Glenda Sullivan and Linda Mae Jones.

  I got a lot of nice gifts, probably more than I deserved, and I hope I gave as many back to my few friends. I also got a nice gift certificate from the Vevay paper. Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had lunch at Mo’s on Wednesday.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken Byars and Glenda Sullivan met at Mo’s Sunday after church for a good meal. Cherry Phillips was there too and they had a good visit. Glenda then visited Patty Chase and brought her dinner from Mo’s. It was good as always.

  On Friday Glenda Sullivan stopped at Arby’s for lunch to take to Tracy Seale at the Waters of Madison.

  Happy 96th birthday wishes to Geneva Robinson.

  Happy Anniversary to Roy and Bonnie Duckworth.

  Sympathy to the Helen Parks family.

  It has been good to have Bonnie Duckworth to have lunch with Patty and Glenda at A.J’s while she is on a holiday break from school.

  Like most everyone else the Duckworths had a busy Christmas. On Thursday, Bonnie went to her daughter’s Michelle McClure, in Hanover to help prepare for Christmas goodies for their Christmas Eve after-glow. Friday night Roy and Bonnie attended the Christmas Eve service at Kent Christian Church with Michelle and Randy. Afterwards they went to the McClure’s for the after-glow. Many friends from Kent Church were there along with family; Kaden McClure, Kiersten and Kaege Cunningham.

  Christmas morning Roy and Bonnie received a phone call from their daughter and son-in-law Melissa and Robert Jackson, in Nettleton, Mississippi. In the afternoon Michelle and Randy McClure, Kaden McClure, Kiersten and Kaege Cunningham, Marc and Tehya Duckworth, and John, Maggie and Lillie Duckworth came to Roy and Bonnie’s to open presents. Sunday afternoon Roy and Bonnie went to the cemetery in Rising Sun. While in Rising Sun they visited Bonnie’s brother, Roger Truitt.