Florence News 12/29/2022


  Hello from Florence.

  I hope everyone had a good holiday. We did have a White Christmas, but it was too cold to enjoy. It is really snowing this morning as I’m writing the news and looking out the window.

  Last Monday evening the Florence Flowers Home Ec Club had a nice meal at the home of Leona Adams.

  Sympathies to the families of Jean O’Day Adkins, Norma Chase, and Wanda Scranton.

  During the week, Bonnie Duckworth and Glenda Sullivan had lunch at AJ’s. They brought Patty Chase a late breakfast to Switzer Square.

  Monday evening a Christmas meal was served to the residents at Switzer Square. They had some drawings and received a box of candy and cookies.

  Get well wishes to Carolyn Lowe, Debbie Archer, Gene Crabtree, Gerald Leap, and Bud Hargrove.

  Rahe Jean Griffin stopped by Glenda’s with her Christmas present, part of which was homemade candy that she always makes. It was delicious!

  I had a nice treat Christmas evening when Angie and Rod Chase brought me a plate of food. They had a big meal at their home earlier in the day.

  The Archers gathered at Josh and Kendra Archer’s on Christmas Eve for a meal.

  Call me with your Holiday news.

  Have a safe and happy new year!