Florence News 12-28-17


Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase went to Madison for a last minute shopping day and had lunch at Frisch’s and took a lunch to Glenda’s niece, Tracy Seale at The Waters of Clifty Nursing Home. They were getting ready for a party there. Tracy’s mom and dad, Janet and Richard Sullivan, were coming to the party. Steve and Judy Malone visited Tracy earlier. The nursing home took some residents out for a ride to see the Christmas lights, Tracy enjoyed that.

Carolyn Lowe, Janet Brown and Glenda Sullivan had lunch at Jewell’s in Warsaw on Friday.

Denny and Mary Lou Bowman took Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan to Greensburg for a delicious lunch and super homemade pie at Story’s restaurant on Wednesday. They had a great time sightseeing on the long way home.

The board members of Florence Regional Sewer District had a great breakfast as guests of Belterra Friday morning. Shannon Jackson, Larry Stewart, Steve Lyons, Rhonda Humphrey, Patty Chase and Lisa Rosenberger all enjoyed the get together. Sandy Maples, Bob Wheeler, Kippy Hatton and Dale Miller could not be there due to other complications.

The Florence Flowers Home Ec Club; Leona Adams, Sylvia Byars, Inez Harker, Sharon Patterson, Bonnie Duckworth and Patty Chase met at Leona’s lovely home with a carry in supper for three December meeting and Christmas party. The food was delicious and all had a good time. Instead of a gift exchange they all brought a toy to give to area kids.

News is short this week. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!