Florence News 12-27-12


Hello to Emily Lanman and Happy Holidays to you and yours as you visit home for Christmas.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase took Nora Gross to Madison for her chemotherapy treatment. She got a good report that the treatments are working. Glenda and Patty visited Delores Tague at King’s Daughters’ Hospital. She is doing better with a breathing problem. They also tried to visit Ruth Lohide but she was out for tests. She is home now with a big black eye after a fall. She is doing okay. Keep these ladies in your prayers.

Reva Johnson, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase joined the Carrollton red Hat ladies at the picnic in Madison for their December get together. They were guests of Sue Westrick. About 20 attended and we had a good time meeting new friends. The Switzerland County Red Hat Ladies met the same day in the afternoon at the Java Bean in Vevay with Kay Cook and several others. Reva did make it back in time for that and said they had a nice Christmas meeting and good food.

Last week I said the Posey Tappers Extension Homemakers Club had its Christmas meeting at Concord Church but didn’t have the list of names. Here they are. Joanne Hon, Wanda Benzing, Juanita Detmer, Reva Johnson, Mary Christiani, Kay Cook, Betty Hufford, Patty Chase, June Lack, Brigetta Hetzel, Lois Ossage, Alanna Smith, Kathryn Turner, and I think I’m missing one. Deedee from Bryceno’s was there catering the good meal.

The Switzer Square board members and residents had a nice Christmas dinner Monday evening. Cindy Welch catered the delicious meal. We also received nice gifts. It was a delightful evening.

Cindy Welch and her helpers also catered the Switzerland County Tourism Christmas meeting. The meal was great and the party was really nice.

Amy Martin from a health care service came to Switzer Square for a bingo game Wednesday. It w as fun. The residents really enjoyed it and won nice prizes. They had good refreshments too.

The Florence Flowers Extension Homemakers Club had its Christmas party meeting at the lovely home of Leona Adams. Members and guests had a good carry-in dinner and gift exchange and sang many Christmas carols.

The pretty house in Florence that I call the Patterson house, others call it the Lucian Smith house, was badly damaged by fire mid-week. Esther Cook and Grady live there now and they lost a lot and their pet cat was lost too. Keep them in your prayers, also Sharon Ballard, Ruth Lohide, Delores Tague, Jonas Keith, John Kniola, Casey Rininger, Jerry Chase and many others.

Sympathy to the Shirley Hart family, the Carl Bovard family, and the Belvadean Andrew family.

Happy New Year to all.

Denny and Diana Brown want to thank Herman Wallenbaorger and Ron Morganson for making sure their trash was taken care of and thanks to Audrey Marsh for staying with Denny while Diana went to get groceries. Their company was Angie Handlon, Jack and Judy Bailey, Steve Auxier, Audrey Marsh, Kara, Kadin and Braylin Miller, Krystal Harmon, Kaitlynn Wickersham, Madelline Bayne, Doc, Evelina and Andy Brown.

Paul Messmore visited Margaret Lee Weidmann and Lorraine Brown. They went to the Carl Bovard visitation. Margaret Lee’s other visitors were Kay O’Neal, Linda Harrell, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Earl and Jerilyn Van Winkle, Betty Hargrove, Ronnie and Lois Ackerman and Gail Ann Clements. Margaret Lee wants us to keep Dutchie Scholl in our prayers.