Florence News 12-22-16


Merry Christmas to all!

The Switzer Square residents enjoyed a pitch-in supper with Christmas songs and a gift drawing. It was fun and the food was good.

Patty just had a long talk on the phone with Bernice Chase in Belmont, Ohio. She is Jerry Chase’s wife and he can’t talk due to a stroke a couple of years ago. Bernice is taking good care of him. He had a cancer removed from his face a few weeks ago and is doing okay. Jerry wants to say “Hello” and “Merry Christmas” to all his Vevay friends.

Patty visited Margaret Lee Weidmann Sunday. She was having a sinus problem. Get well prayers for her. She also wants to wish all her fiends and relatives a Merry Christmas because she didn’t get to send out cards.

Betty Hargrove was to have out-patient surgery at Louisville on Monday, December 19th. Get well prayers for her.

Richard and Janet’s daughter Dana Einhaus had colon surgery a few weeks ago and she had to have more surgery Saturday. They think she is doing okay this time. They live near Westport. Get well prayers for her and for her sister, Tracy Seale that is at The Waters of Clifty nursing home at Madison.

Verle and Genevieve Truitt will celebrate their 65th anniversary Christmas Eve.