Florence News 12/2/2021


  It’s a pretty Monday morning as I write the news for Thanksgiving week. I hope everyone had a lot of good food and good company as I did. Nadine Swift brought a good meal one day that we shared and Smitty brought good food one day. It was all good. Other company was Glenda Sullivan, Mary Leo Archer, Wilma Turner, Linda May Jones and Smitty.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase enjoyed breakfast at Granny’s on Saturday. Patty and Glenda also enjoyed breakfast and lunch a couple of days at A.J.’s.

  Patty had a nice phone visit with Linda Poling. She said she is feeling pretty good. Patty also called to check on Leona Adams. They had a nice visit.

  Mary Leo Archer enjoyed the holidays with her family.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth went to Kiersten and Kaege Cunningham’s new home in Hanover on Monday evening to celebrate Michelle McClure’s birthday. Others there were: Randy and Kaden McClure, Bill Anderson, and Gary and Barb Hornsby.

  Thanksgiving for Roy and Bonnie Duckworth was celebrated on Friday at the Church of Christ in Florence. They had 22 family members there to enjoy a feast with all the trimmings. Those there were: Melissa and Robert Jackson from Nettleton, Mississippi; Michelle, Randy and Kaden McClure; Kiersten and Kaege Cunningham; Marc, John, Maggie and Lillie Duckworth; Dorothy Howard; Roger Truitt; Amy, Bryan, Logan and Hannah Maddox; and Clayton, Kelsea and Tillie Truitt. It was great to have this much of the family together again, Since they were together last for Thanksgiving Clayton, Kiersten, and Melissa have gotten married and Tillie and Lillie Duckworth were born.

  The Church of Christ will hold its annual Tom Shelton Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 9th at 7 p.m. We invite everyone for an evening of music and fellowship. A great way to start your Christmas.

  Thanks to Bonnie Duckworth and Glenda for helping me write the news.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Judy Lozier, Nancy Johnson, Glenda Sullivan, Gary, Karen, and David Wentworth had lunch at Mo’s on Sunday. They celebrated Nancy Johnson’s birthday. Happy Birthday to her and also to Mark Scott.

  Get well wishes for Bob Slack and Linda Poling.

  On Thanksgiving Day Janet and Richard Sullivan of Westport had dinner at their home for Jeanette, Squeaky and Christy Knaus, Jennifer Craig, Addie Hinman, Cindy Geis, Chelsea Mellen and Glenda Sullivan.

  Sympathy to the Joe Cleaver family.