Florence News 12/19/2019


  Good morning from Florence. The snow was pretty on the grass last night but its all gone this morning. May be some still on the hills.

  I plan to be out on the hill here at Florence tonight for a Home Ec meeting with the Florence Flowers ladies at the lovely home of Leona Adams. We always have a good time at those meetings.

  The church had a good pitch in dinner on Sunday. I was glad to have some guests, too.

  I had a good phone visit with Delores Robinson. She lives in or near Harrison, Ohio now and wanted to say hello to all. Also had a good phone visit with Denny and Mary Lou Bowman.

  Tuesday afternoon, Cindy Geis of Greensburg visited her aunts: Carolyn Lowe and Glenda Sullivan in Vevay.

  Glenda Sullivan and I went to the big visitation in Vevay on Sunday for Billy Jewell. Billy is my cousin and we got to visit with a lot of family. His sister Thelma was not well and didn’t get to visit at the time I was there. Mary was there. Its always good to see them. They live in Lamb now in their new house.

  Margaret Lee said her company was Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown and Diana Brown. She wants to wish all her friends and loved ones a happy holidays. She had a phone call from Lois and Ronnie Ackerman.

  Hope to have more news next week.