Florence News 12-13-12


Tom Shelton will be in concert at the Florence Church of Christ (tonight) December 13th at 7 p.m. Join us for good music and refreshments.

The Cincinnati Kinderballet and Anneliese von Oettingen presented “A Christmas Carol” at the Hoosier Theater Saturday. The young kids loved it and we old kids enjoyed it too. Jim and Reva Johnson, John and Mary Archer, Harry and Ethel Althoff, Carolyn Lohide, Debbie Keller, Laverne Self, Patty Chase, Glenda Sullivan, Karen Miller and guest, Mary Katherine Wiley and guest, Brandy Brewer and a few more local people who I didn’t get their names attended the MainSource Bank Christmas party at the Rising Star in Rising Sun last week. The noon meal was really good and the Neil Diamond music tribute show was very entertaining. They gave nice drawing prizes (I didn’t win any). Glenda won the beautiful floral centerpiece arrangement from our table. It was a good day.

Patty and Glenda visited Kim and Gary Lee Hambrick Sunday and took Kim the pretty flower Glenda won at the bank Christmas party (regifted). Kim liked the flower and another some friends sent to her. She is still recovering and doing well but needs a little more time. Keep her in your prayers.

Betty Hunt visited me while I was writing this week’s news. We really had a nice visit. She said she and Andy went to Terry and Tammy Barringer’s in Hanover for Thanksgiving. Betty stayed for a week at Tammy’s to babysit with the dog. They also had a big Koons family get together for the Veterans Day celebration in Vevay. She had so many brothers in the service and they were honored at that celebration. They later met in Florence for a nice big family visit.

Denny and Diana Brown’s company last week was Steve Bladen, Jimbo Brown, Angie Handlon, Audrey Marsh, Jack and Judy Bailey, Herman Wattenaorger and Sarah Headen. Denny wants to thank Sarah for bringing his lunch and for staying with him while Diana went to town to get groceries. It was kiind and considerate of you Sarah and thanks for the homemade goodies.

Irvin and Eva Fette got good news Saturday morning when their son-in-law, Tommy Tuberville, coach for Texas Tech, called to tell them he will be the new U.C. football coach and invited them to a press conference on Channel 5 that evening. Eva said it was really exciting. They had a police escort to the gym that was full of people who stood and cheered when they came in. Tommy introduced all of his family to that crowd. His wife Suzanne and two boys, Tucker and Troy, will be relocating to this area. Troy is a sophomore in high school and plans to finish his school in Lawrenceburg. Tucker is in college at Texas Tech.

Faye Lewis’ company was Ron and Jean Sandidge, Mark Scott, Rhonda Fiefield, Mary Leo Archer, Evelyn Smith, Nora Gross, Glenda Sullivan and Norman Romans (he brought turnips).

Mark Scott and Roy Duckworth are supporting Indiana’s Notre Dame when they go against Alabama January 7th for the National Championship of college football. Let’s all do that.

Betty Hargrove treated Dutchie Scholl, Margaret Lee Weidmann and Millie Coy to a good lunch and a great day at Sunset Grill last week.

I have a few names for the prayer list and know there are many more. Gladys Bond, David Beatty, Nathan Hughes, Sharon Ballard, Dale Poling, Loretta Westrick, Debbie Gregory, Dutchie Scholl and many more.