Florence News 12-11-14


The Tom Shelton Concert at the Florence Church of Christ was really good as usual, so were the refreshments.

Jerry McKenzie called from Ohio. They had just spent a couple of weeks in Michigan with the grandchildren and families. He sent memorials for our classmates Pete Furnish and George “Junior” Ramsey and appreciated their replies.

Sympathy to Bob Wheeler and family in the loss of his mother a short time go. We had a nice visit with Bob and Agnes last week.

Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan were at Bob Evans in Aurora when Fred and Sondra Stave came in after Sondra had been having therapy. We had a nice visit. Get well to Sondra.

Happy birthday to D. J. Wilhoite.

The Christmas decorations in Rising Sun are beautiful, especially the big tree by the river at the end of Main Street.

The Talbert Turkey Bash 2014 was really nice and well attended again this year at the lovely home of hosts, Don and Caulette Talbert on Hominy Ridge. Attending were Tony and Donna Talbert; Michelle, Jesse, Brandon, Dawson and Brody Olsen; Brandie and Eric Doan; Bruce Talbert; Amanda, Tom, Sadie and Emmie Beck; Bernie and Ann Beck; Brian and Debbie Talbert; Pat Fuller; Mike Best; Mark and Lisa Knipfer; Tessie and Tom Currin; Patrick, Loghan and Olivia Currin; Chris Fryman; Margo and Jeremiah Fryman; Lee and Billy Edelbroich; Bambi Lewis; Jeff and Donna Faber; Amanda Faber and Justin Barnes; Steve and Sam Ellard-Jones; Lynn and Bobby Gibson; Angie Priest; Michele and Ella Thompson; Patty Chase; Ken and Sylvia Byars; Kevin and Kim McDonald; Steve, Mary and Jack Fender; Kevin Grubbs and guest. All enjoyed the bash, great food and fellowship.

Glenda Sullivan got her Christmas call from Dave Shinkle. He was asking about Tom Crabtree and Pat Porter and other shoe factory people.

The Stutzman family met at Clifty Inn for their Christmas get together. Wednesday night they had a great supper at Ponderosa and Thursday they had a beautiful supper at Clifty Inn. Eleven family members enjoyed the time together Wednesday and Thursday nights at Clifty Inn.

Kay O’Neal and Randy and Lorraine Brown visited Margaret Lee Weidmann. Margaret Lee wasn’t feeling good. Get well prayers for her.

Faye Lewis’ company was Gertrude Voris and grandson Joe, Dick Scott and George the dog, Jean Sandidge, Evelyn Smith and Glenda Sullivan.

Beverly Davis of Madison visited in Florence a couple of weeks ago. She attended the Florence Church of Christ that morning and had lunch later with Margaret and Teresa Turner. Dinks was having dinner with their son. It was good to see you, Beverly.

Rita Waltz stopped by the Welcome Center while I was there one day. She said Debby Hunter was doing pretty good and was to have more tests soon. We hope they have good results. Margaret and Teresa Turner came by at the same time and we all had a nice visit while Rita was waiting for Jack.

Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase went to the Key West Shrimp House last Wednesday to have lunch with the Carrollton Red Hot Ladies. Food was delicious and it was a good get together. We sat by Frances Watkins. She is Janet Darnold’s sister. Janet is at Swiss Villa and Frances visits her every week.

Randall and Marie Jay and daughter Madison from Alabama have moved to “downtown Florence.” Welcome to the community. His job brought them here.

Delores Robinson called to say she is visiting in Arizona for a while. She said it’s nice and warm there.