Florence News 12/01/22


  Hello from the Florence/Vevay area.

  Thanksgiving Day Nadine Swift stopped in with some good food. Glenda brought me some good food from Richard and Janet Sullivan’s; and on Saturday evening Denny and Mary Lou came by with more good leftovers, It is nice to have friends and family that share with you. Thank you.

  Besides Nadine, Denny and Mary Lou, and Glenda, other company has been Carolyn Hysell and Mary Archer.

  Saturday evening, Denny and Mary Lou, Glenda, and I enjoyed pizza and breadsticks at Roxano’s. Lots of good visits while there.

  On Wednesday evening, Michelle, Randy, and Kaden McClure, Kierstan, Kaege and Cashton Cunningham; Amy, Logan, and Hannah Maddox, Roger Truitt, and Bonnie Duckworth had a Thanksgiving meal in the Fellowship Room at the Florence Church of Christ. Roy Duckworth was sick at home.

  Sympathies to the families of Janet Bond, Bill Carpenter, and Sarah Keith.

  Get well prayers for Janet Boggs, Betty Lucas, Leona Adams, Mary Archer, Joy Briggs, and so many others.

  Rita and James Brogan will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on December 8th. Congratulations to them.

  Happy Birthday to Nancy Johnson and Mark Scott.

  Tom Shelton will have a concert at the Florence Church of Christ on Thursday, December 8th, at 7 p.m.

  On Sunday, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth and Glenda Sullivan had lunch at Mo’s. Several of the one that usually go to eat were sick. There is so much sickness right now.

  Thanksgiving Day was enjoyed at the home of Janet and Richard Sullivan’s in Westport by Tracy, Clayton and Devin Seale; Cindy Geis; Chelsea Mellen; Janie and Bryant Tuley; Jeanette, Squeaky, and Christy Knaus; Addie and Mattie Hinman; and Glenda Sullivan.

  On Friday, Glenda made a quick trip to the Waters at Madison to see Tracy Seale and take a large Diet Coke and sandwich.

  Tracy, Tammy, and Trey Gray hosted Thanksgiving Day at their home. Those attending included: Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy and family; Jeff Gray and Diane Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Gray; and Evon and Reta Gray. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. Everyone also celebrated the 66th wedding anniversary of Evon and Reta Gray.

  Stay well and be kind.