Florence News 11-3-16


Ron and Jean Sandidge, Annette, Tim, Abby, Parker and Lexi Deno and Faye Lewis visited with Glenda Sullivan. Faye spent some time with Glenda on Saturday afternoon while the Sandidge’s and Deno’s celebrated Ron’s 75th birthday at Bobby and Barbara Leap’s. Happy Birthday Ron.

Richard and Leona Adams went to Brookville on Saturday to visit David and Bob Stutzman to play golf while Leona, Lois and Linda enjoyed the day out.

Margaret Lee Weidmann’s company was Kay O’Neal, Allen Devore, Cheryl Messmore, Bobby Brown and Randy and Lorraine and Ryan Brown. Eddie and Lisa James and two friends had been playing golf in the area and stopped and visited with Margaret Lee and family. Bobby Brown celebrated his birthday while he was here on the 27th. Margaret Lee Weidmann, Cheryl Messmore, Bobby Brown, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown attended the third annual Pacer Varsity Club dinner at Belterra Thursday night for Denny Brown’s induction into the 2016 Switzerland County Hall of Fame class. Denny and Dianna Brown’s niece, Angie spoke for Dianna – It was great.

Margaret Lee, Cheryl, Randy and Lorraine had supper at the Legion Friday night and attended the birthday party for Kenny Lock.

Rita Waltz and Teresa Turner visited Patty Chase and Bootie Thornton when they came to Swiss Villa to visit Margaret Turner. Patty’s other company has been Sheila Gault, Pat Deaton, Sylvia Byars, Linda Smith, Shirley Tingle, Sandra Stave, Lana Kelly, Claudia Dawson, Tiffany, Trenton and Brodie Thomas, Ruth Lohide and Glenda Sullivan.

Patty will be going home from the nursing home on Wednesday. Thanks to all the CNA’s and nursing staff and the wonderful therapy group that wore her out everyday to get her back on the road.

I got a nice phone message from Ed Trinkle in Virginia wanting to know how I am. I’m getting better everyday – thanks for asking.

Agnes Wheeler from Florence, Indiana and Sue Ahr from Florence, Kentucky visited Margaret Turner and Patty Chase at Swiss Villa on Saturday and Agnes wants everybody to pray for them.

Karen and Louie Peelman went out to dinner Saturday evening at Granny’s and Karen said she had the best fish dinner ever.

Sympathy to the Nathan Bovard family and Juanita Baer family – Juanita formerly lived in Florence but moved to Bright a few years ago.

Our prayer list includes: Pete Lowe, Bootie Thornton, Margaret Turner, Patty Chase, Dale Thompson, Harold Sims, Virginia Bear and Janet Bond.

Linda Alhands and Bonnie Schreiner were visiting in the nursing home and gave Patty and others a Bible. It was a nice visit and thanks.