Florence News 11-29-12


The weather was wonderful for the Thanksgiving holiday. Rita Sullivan visited Denny and Diana Brown and gave them a copy of the Vietnam Veterans recognition program. They said thank you to Rita and how kind and thoughtful you are. They also said thank you to Dave and Sharon Wilson for inviting them into their home to share their Thanksgiving meal with them and their family. They even had homemade sage dressing. What a pleasant and relaxing day. Angie Handlon, Judy Bailey, Shelby Auxier and Audrey Marsh also visited the Browns during the week.

Marjorie Whitham, Christy, Jeanette and Squeaky Knaus, Chance and Teryn Hinman, Courtney Hall, Tracy, Clayton and Devin Seale, Dana Einhaus, Cindy and Janice Geis, Chelsea Brown and Ray Mellen, David Brown and Deanna Feeney, Faye Lewis and Glenda Sullivan all enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with Richard and Janet Sullivan in Westport.

Lorraine, Randy and Ryan Brown, Cheryl Messmore and Margaret Lee Weidmann enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner. Kay O’Neal surprised them with a good desert. Gail Ann Clements also came in with some good food. Cheryl Messmore and Bobby Brown spent the weekend with mom. Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Carey Sloan, McKenzie and Chad Brown, Steve Bladen, and Kay O’Neal also visited. Margaret Lee wants to thank her family for all the work and cleaning they helped her with. Margaret Lee visited Millie Coy and Dutchie Scholl Sunday morning. Randy and Lorraine Brown, Bobby Brown, Cheryl Messmore and mom al enjoyed supper at Sunset Grill Sunday evening.

Richard and Leona Adams just returned from spending time with her sister Becky and Ross at their condo in Orlando, Florida, and at Avon Park. They had a great time playing golf and just relaxing. They got back home just in time to have Thanksgiving dinner with Mike and Cathy James, Danny, Missy and Luke James, Natalie James and Anthony Jones.

Rocky McKenzie hosted a good Thanksgiving dinner for her family. Sherry Houze and her son Jordan Houze and his sons Bryce and Logan, Cole and Jennifer McKenzie and daughter Hayden, Phil and Paula Cloat and grandson Alex Hise, Kaine McKenzie and last but not least (as it was reported) Martha McKee. They all had a wonderful time and good food and enjoyed the beautiful weather at Rocky’s home in the country.

Roy and Bonnie Duckworth joined their family at the home of her parents, Verle and Genevieve Truitt near Rising Sun for a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Tracy, Sarah and Jacob Dickerson, Jeremy, Erin, Azalee and Bralen Harsin had Thanksgiving dinner with Pete and Carolyn Lowe. Malcolm Markland also shared dinner with them later. Jerrie Lowe called from Florida while they were all there to say hello.

Janet Brown had dinner with Michael and Evan Brown Wednesday. Charlene could not be there due to another commitment.

Patty Chase spent Thanksgiving Day with Loretta Westrick near Carrollton. Later Johnny Dale and Kim Lock and Brittany visited Patty. Brittany Lock, David and Shauna McClure were in from Lafayette to visit parents John and Kim Lock. Patty later visited Denny and Mary Lou Bowman near Aberdeen. Chris, Laura, Sam, Sydney and Luke Bowman from Batesville and Amy, Torrie, Lybbi and Rylli Hellelfinger from Dillsboro also visited for a good Thanksgiving Day. It was a busy and wonderful day.

Sunday Patty visited the Doug and Cheri Gilliam family, Jim, Linda and Ethan Austin, Brandon and Kim Hall and girls for another great dinner. There was a lot of good things going on and they called it their redneck get together. It was fun.

Faye Lewis’ company was Kelsey Bush, Lucille Konkle, Judy Amos, Cheryl McMillan, David, Olivia and Mia Sandidge, Tim, Annette, Abby, Parker and Lexi Deno, Jean Sandidge, Nora Gross, Evelyn Smith and Glenda Sullivan.

Lee Ann Bush and Jeff May had a nice Thanksgiving dinner Sunday for Joyce Ashcraft, Phyllis Bush, Denton Bush, Emily Bush, Kelsey Bush, Braxton May, Elizabeth Thomas, Karen Rahe, Elizabeth Disonia, Dave Price, Lena King, Gregory Osman, Abigail Osman, Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan. Everyone had a good time getting to meet new friends.

Vernon and Corinne Martin spent Thanksgiving Day with Corinne’s parents, Clarence and Irma Nolan near Madison, Cathleen and Dennis Rabion, Colleen and Bryan Ralston, Chris and Jackie Nolan, Clarence Nolan and son Ryan, Chet Nolan, Charles Nolan, Christopher Nolan and friend and children Adain and Daisy, Cody Syrus, Mathew and Alicia Cyrus and children Landon, Trenton and Preston, Heather Harle, and son Reece, Gregory and Brittany Goins, Nakki and Zoe Nolan, and Mark, Carrie and Autumn Wright all enjoyed the family get together.

Ken and Sylvia Byars spent a great time with family in Iowa for Thanksgiving. One daughter flew in from California and they met at other relative. Good food and a good time was had by all.

Get well prayers go out for Nathan Hughes, Charity Barnes, Gladys Bond, Wayne and Terri Spenneberg and many others.

Sympathy for the Eugene Smith family and the Ralph Tucker family.

I need to apologize now for any mistakes since we have so many names.

I’m sure there is more news out there. Call and I’ll try to get it in next week.