Florence News 11/21/2019


Ken and Sylvia Byars flew to Anchorage to visit daughter Rachel Graham and family, friends and pets. Both parents and three adult children work different busy schedules. Just going to Walmart has beautiful snow capped mountain scenery. A day trip to Whitter included lunch in Alyeska, bowling night, church, Veterans Day program, game night, delicious meals and hearty laughs make time fly. Cameras cannot capture it all. They came home to more snow and colder temps than Alaska had while they were there.

  Janet Brown, Carolyn Lowe, Glenda Sullivan and Patty Chase had a good lunch in Warsaw at Jewell’s one day a couple of weeks ago. It was a good visit and good food. I have had people tell me they read where we got to eat and they figure its good so they go there too. Maybe we should get a free meal for that.

  Charles and Alberta Pickett celebrated their 50th anniversary Saturday at the Florence Church of Christ with many family, friends and others. We did hear some ask how they put up with each other that long and most of the time he was on one end of the room and she was on the other end so I guess that was the way. It was a good day.

  Ken and Sylvia Byars, Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Gary, Karen and David Wentworth, Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase, Mark Scott had a good Sunday dinner at Mi Viejo in Carrollton after church on Sunday.

  We send our sympathy to the Dale Poling family. He was a good friend.