Florence News 11/12/20


The weather was great over the weekend. I wish it would stay this way — but we know it won’t.

  Roy and Bonnie Duckworth, Ken and Sylvia Byars, Nancy Johnson, Patty Chase, Judy Lozier and Glenda Sullivan had lunch on Sunday at Hometown Pizza in Warsaw. When they came out to go home, Casey, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger and Alberta Pickett were at the laundromat so we got to say “Hi” to them.

  Beverly Davis of Madison visited Teresa Turner and Carolyn Lowe on Saturday afternoon.

  Peggy Sullivan, Brenda and Jacey Peelman visited Patty Chase on Thursday afternoon. Later they ate at Sunset Grill near Warsaw.

  Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan went to the Aberdeen Preschool chili and soup supper Saturday evening. It was carry out only so we got our soup and pie and enjoyed it on the way home.

  Carolyn Lowe wants to thank everyone for remembering her Sunday on her birthday with their cards, calls, angel food cake and brownies. Happy Birthday Carolyn.

  Friday Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan took Tracy Seale some lunch at the Waters Nursing Home in Madison and Casey, Sheila and Tiffany Rininger and Alberta Pickett had brought Chuck Pickett some lunch so we got to talk to them for a few minutes in the parking lot.

  Happy birthday to Richard Sullivan of Westport.

  Sympathy to the Bruce Olds family and the Norman Kirkpatrick family.

  Prayers for all with the COVID-19, the list seems to be growing.