Florence News 10-30-14


The American Cancer Society Relay teams will have a meeting November 6th at the Vevay Utility Building on Seminary Street at 6 p.m. The Relay will be different next year. Come and help us make the plans. We need you. It will be in June of 2015. Come and get on a team or be a captain.

Joyce Hatton Romans from South Carolina called to say they were surprised with company from Indiana. Janice Meadors, Jinny Kelly and Eugene Hunefeld spent some time with them. Joyce and Vernon’s daughter Jennifer and Steve and son also visited. Janice, Jinny, Gene, Joyce and Vernon went to Denmark, South Carolina to the studio of Jim Harrison, a well-known artist and really enjoyed that. They bought some things there. The cotton was ready for harvest so they got to see that. It is picked by machine now instead of by hand as we used to see in pictures. They went to flea markets and visited the Crispy Cream plant in Columbia. Joyce said you haven’t lived until you have a hot crispy cream. They all had a good time and it’s always good to hear from Joyce.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bogard and Megan and Megan’s cousin Justin, Mr. and Mrs. Casey Rininger, Frank, Tiffany, Lilly and Laci, and Alberta Pickett traveled to Pigeon Forge last Friday evening to witness the marriage of Frank Rininger and Megan Bogard Saturday. It took place in the back of “The Old Mill” near the waterfall in Pigeon Forge. They returned home Sunday evening. Congratulations to Frank and Megan.

Richard and Leona Adams are spending a couple of weeks with her sister Becky and Ross Fair in Florida and are having a wonderful time.

James and Rita Brogan and Rusty the dog spent last week in Gatlinburg and had a great time.

We had a nice visit with Ginger Furnish in Moorefield last week. She is really looking good and recovering well from her recent illness.

We will miss Ken and Valerie Bennett when they leave Belterra for new employment in Dallas, Texas. Ken will be the security supervisor at the Dallas Museum. They will be moving back home near their family and we wish them well in their move. They did a lot for Switzerland County.

Robert Allen Coy called. They live near Greensburg now. He was asking about Lura Mae Smith. He said they have tried to call her number but can’t get her. Lura Mae lives in Fishers the last I heard so she will probably read this and maybe call Robert Allen and Naomi. They graduated from Patriot High School. He said he and Naomi have been married for 71 years and both are doing very well. They have 10 children and all are within an hour or two drive, except Joan in Oklahoma.

Matt and Michelle McCarty from Mississippi but temporarily at Fairway Inn as Matt is on a job at K.U. near Ghent visited Earl and Catherine McCarty in Vevay Saturday evening and enjoyed the trick or treaters.

Faye Lewis’ company was Robin Lawson, Cathy DeBaun, Jean Sandidge, Evelyn Smith and Glenda Sullivan. Saturday Faye had lunch at Ron and Jean Sandidge’s. Annette, Tim, Abby, Parker and Lexie Deno were also there. In the afternoon Faye and Annette visited Mark Scott and Rhonda as they were sitting on the porch enjoying the weather.

Glenda Sullivan took Patty to King’s Daughters’ Hospital for an outpatient appointment. Glenda got to visit with Marilyn Fancher and John Gary Welch in the waiting room while they were there for Kathy (Marilyn’s daughter, John’s wife) to have surgery. We hope she is doing okay.

Jason Messmore surprised grandma Margaret Lee Weidmann with a nice visit one afternoon. He also visited Uncle Randy and Aunt Lorraine Brown.

Get well prayers for Pete Furnish, Ron Lee, Gertrude Voris, Bula Walton, Debby Hunter, Cathy DeBaun and Kathy Welch.