Florence News 10-27-16


Andrea Brogan and Ryan Ogden were married in a beautiful ceremony by Pastor Mike Jones at Aberdeen United Methodist Church on Saturday evening, October 22nd. They then came to Vevay for a reception dinner at the Switzerland County Technology and Education Center. The wedding party came to Swiss Villa before going to the dinner to visit with Grandma Wilma Brogan and take pictures with her in the garden. Patty was still here and Rita took her up to see the wedding party and the bride was so beautiful, also the bridesmaids and the pretty little girls. The guys were so handsome as well as the little guys.

Patty Chase was still taking therapy at Swiss Villa and got to visit with Stella Bennett and Janet Kent, Pam Peters, Connie Watson, Richard Sullivan and Claudia Dawson. Claudia helped me freshen up my pretty flowers. Thanks, Claudia. Linda Jones brought me a little gift from Fairway Inn at Florence from owners Muchesh and Bina Patel. Other company was: Kenny Clements, Evelyn Davidson, Denny and Mary Lou Bowman, Jim Welch, Malcolm Markland, Pam Acton, Vickie Ware, Nadine Swift, Lana Kelly, Lee Ann and Emily Bush and Braxton May, Glenda Sullivan, Carly and Sue Armstrong, Linda Smith, Mary Ann Hopper, Angie Miller, Chuck and Alberta Pickett, Rita Brogan, Sylvia Byars, Pat Deaton, Doris Chase, Donald Tinker, and Roy and Bonnie Duckworth.

Debbie Gregory’s mom, Virginia Bear, fell and broke a hip, I heard. I think she is in a nursing home at Madison. Get well prayers for her. Also, for Janet Burdsall’s husband.

Glenda took me to see Dr. Auer in Madison for my check up. He was pleased. We visited with Lake Rayls, Angela Mahoney and Butch and Shirley Scott while there.

Got a nice call from Laura Mae Smith of Fishers. Also form Jean Adkins in Versailles. They couldn’t find me and wanted to wish me well.

Claude and Pat Deaton celebrated their 63rd anniversary. Family and friends brought a big dinner and cake to his room at Swiss Villa Saturday night, Congratulations. Sheila Gault brought Patty and Glenda a big piece of cake.

Darrell and Peggy Stoll spent the weekend with Bud and Betty Hargrove.

On Saturday afternoon Richard and Janet Sullivan and Dan Einhaus of Westport and Cindy Geis of North Vernon visited with Marjorie Whitham and Glenda Sullivan. Later they saw Jeanette and Squeaky Knaus and all of them enjoyed a good meal at the Rising Sun Star.

Prayer concerns for: Pete Lowe at Norton’s in Brownsboro; Richard Sullivan (spent Thursday night at the hospital at Columbus, Indiana); Dale Thompson; Juanita Baer and Betty Hargrove.

If you have news please call it into the paper office (812) 427-2311; because I know everybody is getting tire of hearing all about me, me, me.

Thanks to Glenda for helping me again. If I forgot anything, blame Glenda!