Florence News 10/17/2019


Bud and Betty Hargrove’s company has been Debby Barnes, Linda Jones, PJ Jones, Annie and the kids, Mike and David Simpson, Donnie and Sue Phares, Lisa Fisher, Jerry and Robin Jewell and their neighbor Herman.

  Linda Jones, PJ Jones, Annie, Jason and Jasmine Jones celebrated Jason and Jasmine’s birthdays at Florence Mall.

  Linda, PJ, Betty, Jason and Jasmine went to Anderson to the gravesite of Billy and Hattie Leap, Betty’s brother. They had lunch and celebrated the birthday again. PJ Jones ad Annie and the kids went to a Louisville Pumpkin Show, stayed overnight and went to Cave City to the Dinosaur Park.

  Patty Chase and Glenda Sullivan went to Aurora shopping and had lunch at Long John Silvers and had a nice visit with JoAnn Brooks Baxter. She lives in Aurora.

  Happy Anniversary to Richard and Janet Sullivan. They were married 55 years on Wednesday October 16th.

  Richard and Janet Sullivan of Westport and Squeaky and Jeanette Knaus of East Enterprise spent a few days at Pigeon Forge sightseeing and enjoying some good meals on the way home. Richard and Janet Stopped by to see Glenda Sullivan on their way to Madison to see their daughter Tracy Seale at the Waters of Clifty Falls. Tracy’s other visitors were: Jennifer Craig, Steve and Judy Malone and Glenda Sullivan.

  Judy Lozier, Karen Wentworth, Glenda Sullivan, Patty Chase, Alberta Pickett and Bonnie Duckworth, met Nancy Johnson at Walton, Kentucky and went on to a nice restaurant near Georgetown, Kentucky called Babe’s. They had a really good lunch and went on to visit LeAnn Lozier near Georgetown and had a good day.

  Larry Stewart is recovering at home after a few days at Gallatin County nursing home with a broken hip from a fall. Get well prayers for him.

  Jeremy, Shannon, Nathan and Lauren Jackson and Dale and Kathy Covington enjoyed a cruise to Key West and Cozumel for four days and are home now.

  Denny and Mary Lou Bowman met Tom and Pat Palmer from Florida at Louisville last Saturday for lunch at King Fish and a nice visit.

  Rylli Heffelfinger, Denny and Mary Lou’s granddaughter played in the soccer tournament at South Dearborn last week and won the sectional.

  Margaret Lee Weidmann’s Company was Kay O’Neal, Randy, Lorraine and Ryan Brown, Skyler Allen and Kathleen.